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Replacing NAC capsules from Carbysistien Capsules ???

I have read a few posts on here suggesting that changing from Carb Cystien Capsules to NAC caps can help I have so much mucus so I thought I'd give it a try, at present I take 2 x 375caps 3 times a day, the NAC CAPS STATE 600g take one daily so I thought if I take two of these would be ok can anyone help or suggest this mucus is driving me insane. Thanks

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I take Carbocisteine and don't know about NAC but if these are prescription meds like Carbocisteine there surely is a patient information sheet in the packet with the capsules.

If not then check it out by going to the NHS website or phone your GP in the morning. I am sure the doc would be happy to ring you with advise rather than have you go in for a full consultation. I know my GP reacts this way. Regards Rib


Hi RibvanRey,

Thanks for replying, the NAC caps are herbal not GP given I had read about them on here and thought id give them a try ?? I think I had better check with my GP anyway, but thanks,

Regards Carol


You are welcome. I think that is probably best. It can be so easy to throw one's breathing out of kilter. Regards Rib

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Reply theres a link Carolg1 but ask your doctor 1st,,xx


Thanks twiceshy, yes I have read this article but I just wondered wether the herbal NAC capsules were any different to the GP given Cysteine caps Ill try anything to lessen the amount of mucus Im making, thanks take care xxxx carol


Try googling ... I saw report showing some benefit of nac....They used 1200 daily.


My husband took NAC for a while and it worked very well BUT it did upset his stomach - would certainly take them with food. Good Luck xx


Thanks for your reply xx


Hi I was prescribed 1 600mg NAC three times a day (1800mg) by my respiratory consultant about a year ago it seems ok some I take with food some not . wether or not it helps is hard to say.

hope this helps.


Thanks Rustydexter x


I take 1800mg (600*3) a day.


Hi Stilltruckin, Do you feel any benefit against taking Carb Cystien Capsules from Docs xx


I've never used carbocysteine.

By the way, n-acetylcysteine isn't herbal, it's a modified version of the amino acid cysteine, as is carbocysteine.

Molecular formula:

C3H7NO2S cysteine

C5H9NO3S n-acetylcysteine

C5H9NO4S carbocysteine


Hi, I assumed because I bought it from a herbalist it was herbal, my carbocystien 375g is given to me by my Consultant and GP, so I thought Id give the herbal one a try as I have read a couple of good reports on this site, il try anything to lessen this mucus im losing the plot with it , thanks so much for your help xx



' Dietary Polyphenols[: A 2010 study published in American Journal of Rhinology & Allergy has demonstrated that dietary polyphenols, such as gingerol, quercetin, and EGCG, can effectively inhibit the secretion of mucus from respiratory epithelial cells while maintaining normal nasal ciliary motion.

Sources of dietary polyphenols include:

Gingerol: the main active component of ginger

Quercetin: found in red wine, tea, onions, leafy green vegetables and many other fruits and vegetables

EGCG: green tea extract

Curcumin: curry extract; the active ingredient of turmeric'

I don't know about gingerol, but quercetin, green tea extract/EGCG and curcumin are all available as concentrated supplements in health shops (I take them myself).

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Most red wine is now pasteurised therefore destroying the good bacteria in it the BMA tested pasteurisation in 1927 and discovered it destroyed all the beneficial agents in the product.

You may want to remove products that contain sodium lauryl sulphate (not easy as they are used as a sudsing agent (so toothpaste shampoo even cheap coffee contains SLS)

SLS attacks epithelial cells and it would be worthwhile finding out if this helps people with mucus problems

SLS also mimics womens oestrogen in the body and this throws your hormones out of balance bisphenol A and mercury also mimic oestrogen,

if you are ill and have mercury fillings have them removed this one action can restore some people to full health for an array of issues also have root canals removed.

you can and should do all the research on these things yourself always look at both sides of the argument and then make your own decision.

Use borax instead of a shampoo, mix in with distilled water and rinse through your hair about 4 times, to replace toothpaste use hydrogen peroxide 35% in distilled water, 7 drops in one gallon shake well to remove bleachy taste then rinse mouth out after that use sodium bicarbonate (try and get medical grade) on a toothbrush this will fill in any cavities you have over the course of a couple of months.

It is always better to consume whole foods rather than individual extracts, substances are always synergistic and need the other parts of the food to make them work more efficiently they also negate any problems that can arise from taking a substance on its own.

always consult the MSDS of any product you want to buy, this will tell you how bad a product is.


Do not take NAC this causes pulmonary disease its a pharmaceutical drug, this thread touches on it at least the N-acetyl bit about half way down

what you need to be taking is sulphur coarse crystal flakes, anything you put into your body needs to have no additives or anti-caking agents in it, NAC is sulphur based

There are a couple of things you could try one is to get a clove of garlic (bears garlic is the most potent make sure it has a kernel in it otherwise it is dead and has no medicinal properties try and avoid buying from a supermarket although I doubt they would have bears garlic as its so good for us) and bite down on it with your molars for about 3-4 minutes once at night and once in the morning,

also try breathing in some aloe vera this is meant to be good for clearing mucus you could also try eating a couple of chilli peppers every day all of these things work on the lungs also take hydrogen peroxide 35% 7 drops in one gallon of distilled water shake really well to get rid of the bleachy taste drink about 1 litre a day through the day, apparently the most effective way to take the hydrogen peroxide is intravenously

also Menthol, which is abundantly present in peppermint oil, helps to clear the respiratory tract. It is also an effective expectorant and therefore provides instantaneous, though temporary, relief for numerous respiratory problems including nasal congestion, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, cold and cough

bathe and massage the soles of your feet every night then apply carbide this will stimulate your lungs


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