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Vitamin advice, please


Hi everybody

I'm getting ready for the winter and have my flu jab booked for 1st October. I'm also looking at getting a supply of vitamins, as recommended for people with copd. But I hate taking pills of any description (not because I can't swallow them, but because I worry about allergies and side-effects). I'm looking at Vitamin C, D (which I should take anyway, as I suffer from SAD) and echinacea. With the vitamin C, what is the best dose to take - and is it better to take tablets, capsules or solubles? Vitamin D - is it best to take this on its own (as D3) or with calcium and magnesium - and, again, what's the best dose and are tablets are capsules preferable? Echinacea - pills or drops?

I'd be very grateful for any advice - thanks!

Oh, and here's a photo of my cat, Ruby (if it comes out!)

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I can only tell you what I take. I take Boots Vit C 1000mg per day and you can suck them - they taste of orange (NOT the large soluble ones - these look like large pills ) I also take AD-CAL D3 which is calcium with Vit D. You need to talk to your doctor about that, as you can get it on prescription - I take it because I have dreadful osteoporosis and arthritis and my bones are a total mess. I take one or two teaspoons of Manuka honey each day, especially now winter is closing in on us. I have had so many infections the past 18 months that I am trying anything and everything!! :) You take care :)

Hi Frankie your cat so pretty. I take vitC soluable, Vit D if you have sad, gp, MIght prescribe. Im not a doctor but l think calcium works well with vitD, l also take echinecea in liquid form. Dont know if you can get to holland and barret? think their stuff buy one get one half price and they should be able to advice you.


thats a minefield

my dietitian says dont bother my gp says yes....noone seems to give you the same answer other than if you have a healthy diet you dont need them but if your anything like me i struggle to eat some days

love the cat x

My recipe for my own best health, I get most by Freeport from Healthspan, I find the quality, purity & value excellent.

I also have my vitamin bible: Angela Dowden vitamins & Supplements, it gives you plenty of info on RDA, what not to take etc, a few pounds from Amazon. I check all doses before I take anything.


multivit&mineral (over 50's),

Vit B12 (for lung health),

Vit C & Zinc 1000mg (tubes of effervesant always 3 for 2 in Boots or supermarkets, I break them in half when quite well or take 2-3 a day when need an immunity boost to prevent/fight infections. I put in large glass of water so I'm getting extra fluid too, I always take frm 12pm (multivit&mineral with brekkie).

Vit D3 in summer & Super D3 October-May

Echinacea: I've read somewhere you shouldn't take it for more than 3 months so you need to check up that). I take the drops, they last ages. Dr Vogal from H&B (often 2for 1 or penny sale).

Acidoppillus: capsules from H&B? I take when tum is dodgey also for three months after antiBs.

I used to have constant, stubborn infections depleting my immune system.

Since on this regime I had one all of Dec '13 & one shorter one in March. This is like a miracle for me so I'm sticking to it. My life is almost normal now.

Lastly: Boots Cold & Flu Defence, always in my bag. If anyone near me coughs, sneezes, if on public transport, the slightest hint of a snuffle and to protect from all the dear snotty children I know! Works a treat :)

..... oh and Manuka 15+ or 20+ in winter. Armoury complete!

I forget to take my calcium but have loads of plain yog + pint of milk daily. X

One thing to remember is that if you take any vitamin tablets you should also take a multi mineral as well. Also, zinc is very good. Have you considered popping into Holland & Barret? They will recommend what will be suitable for you.

Get mine from Simply Supplements - Peeg seems to go for much the same family of preventors as I do, but I have to add in Arthritis and Heart stuff as I take no prescription drugs for these complaints. H & B are a mine of information, as has been said.

Sorry no advice on the vitamins but it would appear like Rudy might have a little bit of attitude. ;-)

Thank you, peeps, for all your replies. I'm still mulling over which way to go. I think I might download that little book first - but, definitely anything that might save me from infection, is worth a go.

Sorry I didn't respond before, but my 90-year-old father has been ill and was rushed into hospital today (with a chest infection and dehydration). He is currently in the Medical Assessment Unit, with goodness knows who else with goodness knows what illnesses. I'm terrified of visiting the place, but I will have to tomorrow. I'm seriously considering wearing a mask ...

And, yes, Ruby has a LOT of attitude!!!

Dear all.

I am trying this to see if it will see me through autumn without my "ritual infections" pneumonia, pseudomonas, and yes, TB.

I am trying one a day pure cod liver oil with added vit D from Seven seas; vit C 500mg and zin from Bioconcepts and acidophilus; all three bought from chemist Direct.

I take Jarrozymes, I couldn't find it anywhere else but from Amazon: this is to help with my digestion, as I have acid reflux and had C-difficile and carrying on trouble with my guts; it all disappeared with this and the acidophilus.

peeg, this Boots flu and cold Defence is a very good idea. I had used Vicks first Defence. that's a point; I should put this in my pocket to be ready to pass on a "clean" peace at the church and also used it after this, as there are other little beasties passed on with the peace!

Wish you a good autumn!

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