Not a health question

but a computer one please.

I have Windows 8 and have not put any photos on my lappy yet. How do I get photos (or avatars) from a site and put them on here please? I can do links but it doesn't work with pictures. When I click browse on here the only option I have is photos and my files. Do I need to save the picture in my files first?

Thanks. x

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  • Good luck coughalot - I am ABSOLUTELY the last person on earth to ask.....hopefully lots of other people can help you. Stay well :)

  • :) Thank you Louisiana I hope so too.... x

  • Thanks, coughalot. You are asking questions which have been bothering me with all these lovely photos that have coming through lately. I have windows 8 which works for me. It might be a good idea if I studied the book that I bought!!

  • :) lets hope we get some answers hey? x

  • Hi

    You PC will have a program"pictures" or similar.

    Any photos taken can be uploaded via USB instructions will be on your camera.

    If you are using a smartphone, you can use "skydrive" loaded on both devices or " I cloud"

    If you wish to use a photo for a avatar it will have to be resized to "thumbnail "

    Windows will have the option to resize in the pictures folder.

  • Stone, For resizing, I use a free programme called Irfanview. You can view your photos there, you can view photos that you scan there, and teh resize of big megabytes photos is done by clicking on a half size several times until the pic is reduced to a decent website image.

    To work with photos I also use the free photo manipulation programme Picasa, which lets you crop, change the features and enlighten your photos as needed.

  • Thanks stone but my question is more basic than that! How do I upload a picture or avatar from another site to here please? Do I go into the site first and right click? Needs to be words of one syllable please as I am very untechy. Would it be better to pm me? Thanks. x

  • If you are trying to use one from another site right click on it and select save as. A window will open and you can put in a name for the picture and chose where to save it. By default if it is a picture the picture folder should be selected but you can also chose a different folder if you like by selecting it on the left side. Once the folder is selected just select save to save it. When you want to upload it just go to the pictures folder when the window opens asking for the location of the file.


    (optional: if you would like to add an image please click on X to upload it, please note that the file must be below 2 mb)

    All here

  • "Hi,!...I am not very brilliant with computers, But!! one way I have found to add pictures to my picture gallery or folder's, is to send them to myself via an email. I know it is a primitive way of doing it..But!! it works for me.hoping it may be of some help to you Coughalot:)..Megan"

  • Hey, it works. Don't knock it :-) Rib

  • "Hehe!! Thanks Rib;) YEAH!!!! ...

  • I always use photoshop and you can get a free download of 'photoshop cs2' on the interenet. Also Picasa is a good and free editing program. If you type them into your search bar you will find them quite easily.

  • oh cough, i wish i could help, but unfortunately havent a clue,,, having computer probs myself,, made worse by myself trying to put it right, myself D).... but good luck in getting your comp, things sorted out

    , stone seems to have a good sense of computers,,, best of luck,,jimmy xxx

  • I think so coughalot. Make a folder in your Picture folder for such interest. Save your photos in there. Then with clicking browse here, you can click on your photo and let it do the job here.

    At the moment, I don't know any other way. Hope you click! :-)

  • Many thanks for your advice everyone, gonna try it now wish me luck all x

  • No joy I'm afraid. Found an image and went into save as. I then called it a name. Went into browse on here and it didn't come up in my files so I don't know where I saved it to as it didn't give me an option. Tried again to save it to pictures but it won't come up. Then it did but very small and right clicked and couldn't alter it. Helpppppppppp x

  • What I really need folks is someone to 'nurse' me in pm while I keep trying who can help when I get stuck please. Any volunteers??? Don't all shout at once :) x

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