cold hurts

Since Saturday night, the wind bites! I couldn't go to the Harvest Festival because of it. I went to a service on Sunday night; coming back, even for that short walking distance of 500 yards, my breath was cut and I was freezing to the bone. I reached home. but although it is 23 degree - 73 F - I didn't feel that, I went to bed with a cardigan on and put two duvets over myself.

This is seriously Autumn, and I fear it.

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  • Hi helingmic

    I've got to admit I put the electric blanket on the bed on Saturday. Achey old bones an all. I do fall off to sleep better with it - soothes all me aches n pains!

  • the difficulty is, how do you get up to have an essential relief. I keep socks. Well soon, I shall put them on during the night.

  • Sorry but I can't remember if you use oxygen. Wearing a full mask in this weather is a lot better than a nasal cannula. It keeps the blasts of wind from trying to take your breath away.

    Remember the 80 ' s? Leg warmers. That is what I have had knitted for me. I have a couple of pairs. Nice and baggy to trap lots of air in them. Thermal socks and leg warmers up to the knee. A second pair I had knitted come from instep to mid thigh. Make of have them made one and a half times the length you wish to cover and you will be warmer in bed. Regards Rib

    BTW don't forget to wear a hat in bed. I have an oversize for warmth.

  • Fortunately I don't need oxygen any more. nevertheless, I feel atrocious in the wind. I did buy something I should get out again: a tube scarf or bandana, or mask scarf which covers the neck and mouth, a woollen one. I've got two, one in a slim thickness and one for motorcyclists which is much thicker.

    Yes, I wear a lose sort of beanie in bed. On eBay they were 99pence. worth it.

  • Have you seen the Snood? Sure they have them on eBay too but here is a bunch of convenient photos.

    regards Rib

  • yeah, snood, tube, mask scarf, bandana, buffs, all these are synonyms. I bought a couple from Amazon and they live around my neck with great pleasure for me! My barber found it difficult to cut my hair with two of these around my neck last year!

  • LOL Genuinely.

  • Hi mic, I've just put my heating on for the 1st time in months, I'm freezing cold, my ears are itchy, my throat scratchy, dry tickle cough is turning quite phelmy, sneezing fits, all in all more out of breathe and pain then usual, curled up in bed now in pjs and duvet watching TV and chatting to my new support family, how can things with our health change so quickly, I felt okish yesterday. Big warm hugs x Sonia x

  • You wouldn't recognize me in my hat pulled just over my eyes, my woolly socks pulled over my ankles and the double duvet crumpled for comfort at the feet, but stretched to cover my neck up to my chin. I don't watch TV in bed, but I do listen to Classic FM for 20 minutes with a timer to send me to sleep and a Lumie clock which imitates the sun going down or raising up, so the light decreases over ten minutes and conditions me to sleeppppppp. zzzzzzzzzz! Shleep well Shonia!

  • The weather's been freaky here and after three clammy, humid weeks in the hospital, I'm loving the crisper cooler air. But real winter cold and damp I fear like a monster. Bring on the fleecey blankets and the hot water bottles.

  • I get on much better in the Autumn brisk air...I am utterly dreadful in the summer heat and humidity. I do love Autumn but dread the winter. I must live in one of the coldest houses in England....I rent an 18th century farmhouse with cracks everywhere, no insulation and sash windows that don't shut properly. but, at the moment I am feeling OK - hallelujah!!! Hope you are feeling lots better now. :)

  • Oh crumbs, Louisiana, My windows used to let the wind in. fortunately a benevolent and understanding council councillor sent me a man who took the sides of the windows where you normally find the putty and placed little bits of plastic where he could feel the wind going through. No wind coming thorugh now.

    I also pleaded with the council to replace my old chimney boiler. In the end, they withdrew it. I had another company to install a powerful gas heater. The company also blocked part of the chimney, and reduced the size of the outlet and put a vane which redirects the wind rather than admitting it in like I had before. so the improvements are a 100%. The new boiler is powerful, not in the chimney any more but on the kitchen wall, and very much more economical than the older beast which had been in the chimney for nigh on 40 years! some exploded in my neighbourhood. So it was time for them to be replaced!

    I hope I shall suffer no more from the cold, at least indoors.

    I have also received a £140 rebate against my heating bill because of my low income. That's a good thing, for once, thank you government!

  • that all sounds good!! You take care :)

  • I have my own heating system and have been known to wear flip flops in the snow. So sorry guys, I love this weather.

    A happy

    Dozy :) x x x

  • Oh dozy, they say that dormouse have a natural heating fleece :-)

  • I agree - we took my eldest daughter to uni on Saturday and my husband was really struggling - there is definitely a change in the air, autumn is here. It was a sharp reminder how good we have had it this summer! xx

  • TADAW. Hope your indoors universe is summery

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