carry on from picture Sunday

 carry on from picture Sunday

this folks is my cat misty she is nine year old loves head butting and brining me the odd treat from her jaunts on the golf links

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  • Gorgeous cat ant and what a lovely companion to have around. xxxx

  • Ahh ant fab cat. All the pics of pets and lovely gardens have been cheering me up so much. Thanks for sharing xxx

  • that rockett is why we all joined this site to help each other by any means and if sharing photo's helps so be it I sure have enjoyed picture Sunday this last week

  • she is so chilled out all of the time she sleeps at the bottom of my bed everynight

  • Think me and my foster child need to get a pet to cuddle . we miss my hubby so much. You and others on this site are so encouraging in the midst of various ill health. Have a peaceful evening Ant

  • if you go for a cat try and let it choose you mine did that is why we are such a duet together don't get a dog unless you can still take them for regular walks or perhaps your foster child could do that have a good night hope to see your blogg tomorrow

  • I bet I know what treats Misty brings - yet she looks like butter wouldn't melt :)

  • how about a headless rabbit for a start LOL we also have foxes on the golf links that surround us and they always break their kill into variable pieces and store the rest in a stache that is the trouble she knows were these staches are.

  • She's purrrrrrfect ( sorry ) , no I've never enjoyed the prezzies mine tend to bring them home alive and let em loose in my house lol, pets are such great pals. X Sonia x

  • you hit the nail on the head Sonia mine keeps me from going crazy who else can I talk to?

  • I would like to see more of Misty's face - lovely cat. My grey tabby and white cat, Malcolm is not top of the pops this evening - he bought a dead squirrel in as a present!! But I still love him.

  • just have to wait until she jumps on my desk for her head butting session she is flat out again on my bed after a day out where she goes I am not sure

  • I had a cat called misty she was grey and white. Tabbies and black and white cats are my favourite but I have owned all colour of cats.

    Kindest GJ

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