firstly let me thank you all for your concern,I apologise I have not been on for a while, I was really poorly with a chest infection and few other ailments and I deleted my account by mistake and then felt too ill and depressed to set it all back up again! I e.mail a friend I met on here every day,and she told me about the posts.I am so SORRY I sneaked out back door..I didn't think I would be missed.Well it just goes to show how lovely you all are and I send all my love and big hugs to you all...xxxxx

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  • haven't been on that long myself so didn't know you were missing - but so nice to hear you are over the infection (Oh, how I hate those infections, but I seem to get a lot :( ) Do take care of yourself :)

  • Thanks sweetheart,coming to the end of the lurgy but brain frazzled on steroids..Take care ,big hugs xx

  • Glad to hear you are back! Sorry to hear you have been so ill and so depressed. Hope that you are starting to feel better now. Take good care, TAD xx

  • Thank you Tadaw .I am feeling a bit better, I hope your ok hun? xxx

  • Good thanks - a bit hectic got two at uni this year! Never ending packing at the moment xx

  • How nice! my son done his phd he now works for mod..Its hard when they fly the nest isnt it?I bet they bring it all back to you to be washed lol xxx

  • How nice! my son done his phd he now works for mod..Its hard when they fly the nest isnt it?I bet they bring it all back to you to be washed lol xxx

  • Your son is a very clever boy - you must be proud. I hope they bring back all the washing regularly!!!! It is difficult though I am lucky I still have one at home - time to readjust! xx

  • I am very proud..All his hard work paid off in the end.You will never stop worrying about them though,no matter how old they are..xx

  • Hi dear Laura, I am so glad to hear from you. Great that you are feeling a bit better and glad to have you back. Take care hunxxxx

  • Hiya Jens,thanks hun,I am glad to be back with you lovely peeps..Take care xxx

  • glad to see you :)

  • Thanks eyes.x

  • wouldnt be missed

    are you kidding we have been soooooooooooo worried i knew you were having a rough time x x x x x

  • Just sent you a msg,it must of gone to cyber space..I am a dumbo.I am not 100% but getting there.Bliming steroids doing my head in..Mood swings bad but at least I am still breathing! How have you been ?xx

  • ive been on here loads over the past few days i started a photo campaign by accident yesterday

    im feeling really well darl im glad your home x x x x

  • Good on ya mand,will have gander later..jacket spud and cheese for dinner today.Steroids don't tell my brain when I am full..xxxx

  • Hi Laura, I don't reply to your posts but read them all the time, they are so inspiring, glad your back with us

    Lyn x

  • Thanks Lyn,so kind of you xx

  • Oh so good to have you back. Take great care of yourself. Enjoy your lunch. Jacket potato yum yum as my granddaughter says.

  • Hi Suzy,

    I know its a bit late, but have just noticed that Laura is back, and that you all know about it. She seems a bit fluffy with all the things that have been happening, but getting back to her old self. Thank goodness for that.

    hugs from Huggs

  • Hiya huggs sweetheart.I deleted my account when I was poorly by mistake and I think I am still a bit fluffy ( what do that mean lol) if its confused your right.I was iin a dark place at the time, but I am back with you lovely ppl.You especially!! Love and big hugs to huggs xxxxxx

  • Hi Laura,

    Yes, I thought it was something like that. Mandy and I have been in touch about you, which I am sure she will tell you about, when you catch up. We were all worried about you, as you will have seen by the posts. As you had given me your email address I emailed you, but realised you needed some space and time for yourself at that time. I knew you would be back, as bouncy as ever! LOL Yes fluffy can mean confused or a fluffy voice as well. That's what I call it anyway. LOL Mandy will keep you up to date on things. You take your time getting better, don't rush at things, and don't overdo it at the gym, if you are allowed to. See, still being bossy ha ha.

    Great to have you back Laura, and I really mean it, when I say take it easy.

    hugs from Huggs xxx

  • I must say Huggs,you are a great gal.You have helped me a lot on this site,as well as told me off lol. Mandy is lovely,she is a great person to have around..Thanks for your kind words sweetheart,big big hugs xxxxx

  • Thanks Suzy,good to be back.Treasure that grand daughter and take care of yourself xxx

  • so nice to see you back Laura infections and depression from fighting them are the worse things of having a serious chest problem me I just cannot seem to get my ass into gear after all the recent bouts I have had

  • Thanks Ant,I can't seem to get motivated and then the opposite I am climbing walls on steroids.I think the fluctuating mood swings makes me depressed.I think whats the point of it all and then I am back up top thinking I will beat this just like numerous times before..Seems to get worse the more you have though doesn't it?How are you doing sweetie? I hope your ok ?x

  • glad I don't hold much to steroids and my doc knows that mood swings was one reason and raging osteoporosis another now I only take them when and if and only for a week at a time

  • I have been on them for over a year continuously,usually 2 a day and then 8 a day for infections.As soon as I start weaning down I start wheezing and have trouble breathing.Catch 22 situation.Poor you Osteoporosis, you are having serious problems too.I am on calcium tabs and last test I had was satisfactory for the bones.Only thing right with me lol.I hope your bearing up.Take care x

  • Welcome back Laura296 and wishing you well. xxxx

  • Well, I think you can consider yourself well and truly missed Laura! Welcome back and I hope you feel better very soon. Penelope xxxx

  • Thank you peeg, its nice to be back,lovely lovely ppl on here.xxx

  • Thanks for making a return Laura. Although we had a Funday organised by Mandy it has been sad not having you around to share it with. A lot of people have missed you being here so as to be able to listen to your advise and encouragement. Wishing you strength. Regards Rib

  • Thanks for the chat Rib. Mandy is just great! and brings a smile to my face every time we chat.Lovely girl..x

  • You are very welcome. As I have told you when we exchange emails, you are always welcome. Whether there is a problem or not. If you just need an ear or want a natter. It goes no further than my eyes.

    Yes I like Mandy too. We meet in other communities too. She is always trying to brighten those around her. Frequently with great success. Rib

  • The same here Rib..If you need to natter, always here for you..Have a lovely evening .Take care Laura x

  • Thanks Laura. I an slowly wading through my vast in tray of today's messages and email. Thank you for yours. I will get to replying tonight. As you know one finger at a time is a slow go. Rib

  • I am the same ,trying to make sure I reply to every one.Its so nice to chat.Have a lovely evening,night night.Laura x

  • Lovely to have you back and glad you are feeling a bit better. Keep thinking about you you know. At times this community feels like the Respiratory nurses - all seeing and ever aware. We all care for each other and that includes you.

    Big hugs and take care xxx

  • Thanks Tazzy,I did reply earlier to you hun.I had powercut for 5 mins and now its gone to cyber space! Panic attack over lol. Thanks for your kind words.Big hugs xxxx

  • Good to have you back Laura,hope you,re feeling better .XXX D.

  • Hiya Farmer,nice to hear from you sweetie,I am getting there hun.I went to a dark place for a while ,but back on top and rattling on steroids.How are you dear friend ?xxxxx

  • I,m Still trying to wean myself off the horrible steroids,down to10mg but got really bad again so trying 11mg for another week,funny how just one mg can make a difference.Fingers crossed I,ll get there.Ouch! Cramp in the fingers lolD. :D

  • Still on 40mg and getting really bad nightmares.I have to start weaning down tomorrow thank goodness.The side effects horrendous xxx

  • Hi Laura,

    So glad you are back with us. The site has been going mad with concern for you. I have emailed and messaged you. Mandy was really concerned as well, and ended up talking about her sick dog, and then posting photos of our pets.

    Hope you continue to improve, as you have had a really tough time. So pleased that things are going upwards for you now.

    Take care of yourself,

    hugs from Huggs xxxx

  • I feel a bit bad about it really,but I thought no one would notice,You are all such lovely ppl and I ended up in a dark place ,depressed and on an all time low.Glad to say I am climbing back up and getting there.Gym end of this mth, so that will get the good feel hormones going..Hope your ok huggs..Take care sweetie xxxx

  • Aww Laura, don't be so daft! I have been off the forum myself for about a month with various ailments, so I know what it is like. I don't know if you got your email from me, but after speaking with Mandy, I told her and a few others that I thought you just needed a bit of time and space on your own. You have such a lot to deal with, and you can suddenly find yourself in a black hole, because of all the difficulties you have to deal with. Happens to us all, so we all understand. I had just come back to the forum that day to see that Wendells had posted about you. So then I posted that I had your email address, and asked people if they thought I should email you, which I did. I didn't bombard you, as that would have just added to your pressure. We have all gone through it, and everyone was so concerned about you. Then Mandy and I were messaging each other, and her dog was sick so I tried to help with that, and then we posted pictures of our pets, and now it has grown legs, ha ha and others are joining in. Now I have posted two sunsets from where I live, so try and look at them if you can, as you will enjoy them.

    Glad to know that you are on the upward path and long may it continue. We all have setbacks, so its good to know that there are others around who have gone through similar things. I just think you were trying to get out of doing gym. LOL Only joking. ha ha.

    Take care,


    ps I sent you a lot of funnies from the internet, so hope you got them too.

  • You are amazing and have helped a lot of ppl with advice and you can email any time sweetheart..I didn't get any funnies, so will back up deleted emails and find them..I done some weird things when I was ill .I wiped my lappy of nearly every thing..dont know where half my pics are and folders all messed up.I am a dumbo..Thanks for your support sweetheart ,your a gem xxxx

  • Oh dear Laura,so sorry to hear you've been having such a hard time.

    I was feeling worried about you,that's why I wrote a post,asking if anyone had heard from you,never realised how many would respond lol! Just goes to show gal,how many people care about you.

    You just look after yourself,& take it easy,one day at a time eh?

    Big hugs& love xxxx

  • Hi Wendells, how are you? I was told you had written a post and my god I will admit I did not expect that response,but in a way it was so nice of you all to miss me.I was in a very dark place for a while,but glad to say I am getting back up to being more optimistic about things.Your a lovely person to care about ppl like you do and hope the days are being good to you..Thanks for your concern and hope your ok? Big hugs love Laura xxxx

  • hey hun

    how are you feeling now have the antibiotics kicked in

    i could do with some steroids myself today im feeling really sluggish,i hate it when i get like this every thing is an effort

  • Mandy, ask the doc for energy drinks,they are full of nutrients and vitamins and don't fill you up..Antibiotics worked and now climbing back up and hopefully I can wean down off these steroids.They are making me restless and insomnia is awful,Mind races and I am eating so much I cant breathe lol..I am so tired but the steroids wont let me sleep...Take care love Laura xxxx

  • oh laura, so pleased to see you back, you were certainly missed by me,, but sorry to here of your ongoing health probs, much the same as myself,, but we all get there in the end,,, lovely to have you back, and so great to hear from you again, lots of love and kind wishes jimmy xxxxx

  • Yay Jimmy,how are you sweetheart?I was in a dark place but getting back to where I was..Blimig chest infections drag you down don't they? I am buzzing on steroids and like "mother Hubbard" at the moment,ate everything in site lol..Hope you are ok? In my thoughts Laura xxx

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