My beautiful granddaughter

My beautiful granddaughter

Hi, everyone, really enjoyed all the pics on here so thought I would put one of my granddaughter joy with her cake at her eighth birthday party last week. She's a lovely sweet girl and really lives up to her name. Hope everyone as well as can be expected. I really enjoy reading all the posts on here, the jokes and pics keep me entertained and the advice and info is invaluable. Thanks.

Love and hugs to all.

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  • What a lovely picture. She is so cute and the cake is amazing. You must be very proud of her. x

  • Thanks,I certainly am, she's adorable.

  • so so sweet - the cake is fabulous looking!!! Stay well :)

  • Thanks, she's a little darling, the cake was made by the residents at the centre for people with learning difficulties where my Daughter works.

  • Wow! - it looks fabulous! they are billiant :)

  • She is quite beautiful! Lucky you. AND that cake is absolutely fantastic! Lots of love TAD xx

  • Thanks Tad, she is gorgeous, but then I'm probably biased!

  • So you should be!!! xx

  • Wow! That is a some photo there. Photogenic child and a cake that blows the socks off. A sure competition winning photo. Regards Rib

  • Thanks, Rib, yes, quite proud of it, and only taken on my phone. She is a beautifull girl, in mind as well as body, I'm a very lucky Grandma.

  • Gorgeous girl,with a gorgeous birthday cake,you must be so proud! xxx

  • Thanks, I certainly am. x

  • Lovely photo of Joy and her amazing cake. What a lovely young lady. Glad you get lots from the site and enjoy it. Take care and wishing you well. xxxx

  • Thanks Sassy, I definately get a lot from this site, best thing I ever did joining it, everyone on here so nice, friendly and helpfull. take care. x

  • what a beautiful scene :)

  • oh she is a darling................i love being a granny

  • She sure is, I love being a Granny too, I have 5 Grandkids and 1 Great Grandaughter and they are a constant source of joy to me.

  • Beautiful pic, of both ur granddaughter and cake . X Sonia x

  • Thanks, I think so too. X

  • She is adorable..The cake looks delicious...x

  • Yes she is, and it was. x

  • Pretty girl bless x

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