My Darling dog Mae

My Darling dog Mae

Hi everyone, As there are many people posting Pictures of their Best friends, I thought I would introduce mine. This is Mae she is 14 years 7 months old, and sadly she has Histiocytic Sarcoma. She is doing well considering, and with pain relief she is still wanting to play .Mae is an absolute darling, and we have enjoyed every minute of our time together. We hoped to have the summer and now hoping to get to Christmas, fingers crossed.

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Lovely pic of your beloved Mae, she looks very sweet and I can see why she's very special awwww!!! huff xxxx

Aww she's gorgeous,love the grey hairs,reminds me of our Jaz that we had to put down,some time ago,at least she made it to 16.

How lovely she still wants to play,so glad she is pain free.

May you have a Happy Xmas with her,xxx

What a beautiful girl you are Mae! Suz xxx

hello Mae and what a wonderful face you do have - I bet you like lots of hugs :) heres a big one from me, HUG

Aw bless she is lovely :)

Mae is lovely. I pray you have Christmas with her. Our pets always have a special place in our hearts.



Hope the beautiful Mae can last as long as possible with pain relief. Who could resist those lovely big eyes? Bless her. xxxxxx

Beautiful dog, I sorry she is unwell & I do hope you both get Christmas together. x

I lost my dog Toby to that when he was 20 he was the most faithful sheltie there ever was

Gosh, 14 yrs. It is a real blessing to be able to share so long with a dog. The oldest dog I have had was 9 yrs. I hope Mae is able to share Xmas with you. Rib

Thankyou all for your truly lovely heartwarming supportive replies, you are all lovely people who obviously share my love of animals. Mae is well today and sends you all licks and wags and says Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou !!!

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