Uploading a picture

After you have finished typing your message scroll down the pg to the box 'choose file. From the drop down window select programs then one your programs open select the place your pictures are stored. Open that option then tick your selected picture then click open.

Once you have done that you will be back to H.U. and your post, scroll down again to the box that says SUBMIT and click on it.

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  • thanks Peter, I did just that after reading stone's post. Great when you know what to do. xxx

  • Txs Peter,just wish it worked on my iPad,Stone has commented that upgrade to IOS 8,has caused probs,so I think that's my answer! xx

  • Might be the picture is high res and there might be a limit to what HU will take, a lot do now as it all takes server room. Text will take a few bytes but a picture and be many MB. Eats into their space.

  • That's what happens when I try to upload pics. Do you know any way round this?


  • if you go to your picture and see if you can edit it down either in DPI or size to reduce it down. Crop does not alter the size of the file. Even saving it in a different format can help.

  • Thanks for this, I will have a play but my computer skills are minimal. I may be back for more help.Cheers.

  • (optional: if you would like to add an image please click on X to upload it, please note that the file must be below 2 mb)

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