power cut

we have just had a power cut .biggest bang brightest flash you ever heard . lights went out , dog bolted I nearly filled me pants . and me air stopped . aint it funny how in the first five minutes its a bit of a panic . we now have back up bottle in living room not hiden in cupboard out of the way . we nearly lit the candels . daft idea when on oxygen ,then rememberd have torch app on mob phone . all sorted now it wasoff for about 45 mins . sweet dreams every one ,. keep on breathing

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  • i love storms we had them here at barry island last night

    dont light the candles ha ha


  • just looked up where you live don't fink ive been there yet . im a Essex layabout myself

  • did you watch that program gavin and stacey cos if you did i live where stacey lived

  • it was a decent one for a change, the last few have been over in a flash

  • Oops tobydoo, wot caused it ?? Glad ur sorted, I'd have been the idiot that lite the candles lol, sweet dreams. X Sonia x ps just read post again and Mandy's , ermmmm, thunder storm. I catch on eventually lol. Xx

  • Hi. Glad your underwear survived. Don't forget to ring you oxygen supplier and tell them you have used your emergency cylinder. Regards Rib

  • How scary for you no oxygen. I would never have thought don't light the candles. Glad you are ok now. x

  • Well in all the panic at least you remembered about the candles lol! Glad you have the 02 a bit more accessible now! Would have been a scary experience. xxx

  • wow lucky you having a back and lucky you that you never lit the damn candles hope you never followed through bit messy that

  • Where I am it just overcast and very dull we are always have power cuts thank God i'm not on oxygen

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