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Another song for us all as requested by hufferpuffer and sokrackers but 02 started this ok! :)

I'm gonna 'hit you' with this one which is a big clue.

Oh' yeh as you may have gathered I quite like my music, it helps lift me when the demons come a calling. :)

Keep rocking healthunlockeders its good exercise. Tony :)

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I used to love that LP it made me laugh. Mind you if my mother was about I muted the sound when that naughty track with loud swearing came on!

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Music was fun back then but our parents didn't always agree. I remember Leo Sayer coming on top of the pops dressed as a clown and singing 'I must let the show go on', I thought it was rubbish and my dad bet me £5.00 it would make no 1. Well to my amazement he was right but he's still waiting for his money Ha Ha. Sometimes you have to admit your parents know best. :)

Now I must track down this naughty song of Ian Dury's for a laugh.



Can't open these links on my phone ( coverage bad in the hospital) but looking forward to checking them out when I get home tomorrow. Can't beat a good song !


Oh what wonderful news. Home and mended again. So glad they finally got the mixture right for you.

Regards Rib


Hope your back home now Argana and feeling a bit better having escaped the 2nd dreaded 6 minute walk test.

Click the link and you can see me doing a 6 minute walk test Dall style :) .


Next time you do it, try it to your favorite tunes, it helps ease the pain. :) :) :) a little!!!


Was that really only 6 minutes Tony ? Seemed to go on for ever and in retrospect I'm amazed I kept an unbroken pace going for that long. My pace would be slower then yours but reasonably brusque. Ironic thing is I thought I'd done really well until I saw the desat figures 94 - 78 ( not 94-70 as I first thought). And I wasn't that breathless either - or so I thought. i rated it as 3 and my consultant said I've trained myself to be a Sherpa and have no idea of my sob levels. On the basis of this he recommended ambulatory oxygen and I threw a royal hissy fit, mainly because of shock and the speed of the whole decision process. He's backed down on it for now but I know it's down the road and will be okay with it once I've had time to get my head around the whole thing.

Your desat was only 94-83, that's good isn't it, considering how fast you were walking ? When you do this in a hospital is it on a treadmill or on a corridoor ? Mine was on a corridoor. Sorry for all the questions, but you're definitely the HU expert on this ;)


The actual walking time on the treadmill was exactly 6 minutes but the whole video lasted 8 minutes. I was on 8 liters of oxygen so sats only dropped to 83 but at the hospital I always do my 6 min walk without oxygen down a long corridor so my sats drop down into the high 60s every time.

My best distance to date is 497 meters which was done a couple of months ago at the QE Birmingham.

I think if your sats drop below 86 they start to consider oxygen so the rest of your internal organs are protected, so if they recommend it then its best to use it.

I only use my oxygen overnight and when on the move, I'm fine sat in a chair watching TV etc where my sats can reach 95 ish.

I bet your glad to be back home and out of that stuffy atmosphere where you can listen to the tunes that I posted. Of course they may make you want to go back into hospital. Ha Ha.



They don't care about distance though, do they ? They just want to know how much you desaturate. Obviously, if my sats don't pick up, I'll have to start using oxygen but as I can have good periods too, I don't want that decision made too hastily. Due back to see them on October 29th, so decision will probably be made then. Anyhow, I'm still impressed with your pace and am busy working on mine :) thanks for the advice Tony, I'm willing you up to the top of that transplant list asap.


You certainly know how to pick them young Tony! Great choice,loved it xx


Glad you liked it Wendells, some songs stand the test of time and that one certainly does. xx


Mornin' Tony - guilty as charged ;)

I love Ian Dury, what a trooper and inspiration for anyone with disabilities.

When my daughter was around 3, we played a lot of Dury. I took her everywhere on the back of my bike and she often turned heads by singing her favourite, Sex and drugs and rock'n'roll in a piping treble. (She's 38 now :))


Hi 02, priceless memories, its amazing how a song can take you right back to a time and place in the blink of an eye. Now I think I might just try some sex & drugs and rock & roll, well listen to it anyway! :) .

I wonder what Ian Dury would have thought if he had heard your daughter singing. Ha Ha . xx


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