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To those of you that remember the pharmaceutical company GSK wanting people to interview??? Well I was chosen and I'd like to say what a wonderful experience I had. I was looked after and kept informed of the process every step of the way. I stayed in the Sofitel hotel at heathrow which is just lush. AND!!!! I was interviewed by Dr Christian from embarrassing bodies. Wow was I star struck!!!! They interviewed another person who was named Alex-----well Alex if you are are on here and reading this.....Please get in contact. I very briefly saw you going on stage as I was coming off it would be lovely to speak with you regarding your experience. If anyone from the BLF help with me contacting him I'd appriciate it.

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  • Hey, that sounds FUN! :)

  • Hey Louisiana I had a great time after the initial nervousness they did all they could to make me feel welcomed and at ease. The whole experience was just great and Dr Christian was well......wonderful. How r u ????

  • Compared to the past months I am feeling better....I HAVE to ask this, do you really look like Marilyn Monroe?????? (your picture) I adored her and people forget she was a good actress.......I like Dr Christian on television and he is always so respectful to the people that goes to him for least he seems to be. :) :)

  • Unfortunately I look nothing like my icon. But Dr Christian is just as adorable in the flesh if not better and very funny too. Just love him. X

  • Oh, that Dr Christian is lovely. Sounds like you had a great time whilst doing something useful.

  • Sounds wonderful.....BUT what was it all about? what did they want to know?

    Love from Nosey Sohara

  • GSK have a new inhaler and they were launching it. They wanted to hear my story regarding my illness and how I cope. It was just to let GSK staff know how it is from a person with the illness really. But great fun. X

  • Thanks Shocked......and I am sure that your 'other half' thinks that you look like Miss Monroe :) :)

  • Hahaha. Keep well sohara. Have a

    Lovely wkend. X

  • Someone once told ne I looked like Marilyn Manroe...then showed me a picture of her in her coffin :)

    Glad you had a good time but did you know Dr. Christian is gay? x

  • Yes Dr Christian is gay still lovely all the same. X

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