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SPO2 Plethysmograph

SPO2 Plethysmograph

Yep we are not talking DUTCH a Plethysmograph is the wave form on a Pulse Oximeter or Pleth as its known and there's me thinking a was learning a foreign languid eh.

Well yesterday was not a good day for heart sheer.

Yep i took my Azithromycin and went and had two shandys and some dry roasted peanuts all quite innocent .

Well i never ... hour after peanuts shandy i felt really ill ad forgot all about how ruff you can feel when ya heart as speed wobble.

Don't get me wrong lung disease and heart speed wobbles go hand in hand in my experiance BUT i could never understand why my sats was ok but i felt ill .. well till now that is.

Which bring me to subject of my post SPO2 Plethysmograph also known as PPG It can mesure the change in the volume of arterial blood with each pulse beat and change's in blood volume eh.

For agies have not been able to pinpoint what is going on considering my sats on surface appear ok BUT given my latest epersode yep i have been able to see what i assume to be eppersodic ventricular tachycardia as seen on my spo2 pleth wave form.

Top left picture is a normal at rest wave form as illastrated other pictures have abnormal wave form i believe to be episodic heart arrhythmia sinus tachycardia given my lung condition as seen on my Spo2 Plethysmograph.

Yep it could be inaccurate or am i defective ... later am more inclined to believe as they do say Plethysmograph are not that accurate unless sats are moving up and down in which casecmine are

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yep I can sure see your point Daz in the bottom left there is definitely an AF happening (look at the flat lines) I have these well before being diagnosed with COPD third stage just watch those peanuts they can end up in the lung quite easily they do with me as I have a motility problem (I get times when the trap door won't shut on time so any food I swallow ends up in the lungs) having changed my diet this rarely happens now.


You can also get help from a nutrionist ... i saw one and got great tips.

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Hi juliekay cheers yer a dont do bad myself even my doc was surprised i had perfect colestrial 3 he said it was

He looked dead shocked when he told me .. a said see it proves its all a load of sheerr

As thats petfect yet am not

Cheers thanks :)


Hi ant64 cheers sorry about ya slugish door.

Am ok of sorts on that front don't suffer from reflux its mainy me lung disease and infections that triger heart speed wobbles or as i belive sinus tachycardia arrhythmia

Cheers thanks


Don't worry, it's all fine.

The wave tracings on the sats monitor is not the same as an ECG - the irregular patterns are not the same as an arrhythmia, so cannot diagnose AF, ventricular tachycardia or any other arrythmia. Your heart rate will have been raised because of the salt in the peanuts and your body processing the alcohol (cheese, spicy food or even just eating a hot meal or drinking a hot drink can do the same). Your O2 levels were fine all along too :-)


Hi flylikeeagles Cheers yer you right its not a ECG but yer you can see whats called a sinus tachycardia spo2 wave form

Like my first pic on top left illustrates thats a normal at rest plenth wave form .. The other three pics show what i belive to be sinus tachycardia that most people with lung diease suffer weather they know it or not.

I belive a spo2 meter like one in pic even tho not a ECG dose pic up oxygen demand and reduce blood flow and thats the hole point of a SPO2 Plethysmograth

Asked if it can pic up sinus tachycardia or any other arrhythmia ad say sure it can

Cheers thanks


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