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staying together


so glad its a no vote . really close one . if half of country aint happy some things wrong . perhaps its all down to president salmond . lots of my relations are Scottish and don't like him . changes are a coming . lets hope theres no nastiness or gloating .he is just now giving a speech .together forever . keep on breathing

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There is no such person as President Salmond. We do not have presidents over here.

billl in reply to Hidden

I meant first minister. being silly .

Good!! All sides concerned have learned something and must keep their promises xx

I feel mixed about result but the democratic process was wonderful. And amazed by the dynamism of Gordon Brown. If he had showed that much passion as PM he might have won the election back :(

Hidden in reply to O2Trees

I have always been a fan of Gordon Brown x

O2Trees in reply to Hidden

Not me coughalot - he was like a limp dishrag during the last election and if he's showed some of the passion and statesmanship then that he has during the referendum we might not be lumbered with the government we have today!

billl in reply to O2Trees

yes I too was shocked how much passion he showed changed my opionion of him some what

I voted no and the voting is over so let's all stick together the way we were a united kingdom

Let's hope we will remain truly "united" - hope you are all breathing well today :)


I am very relieved at the 'No' vote. We are stronger together. I spoke to a Scottish friend yesterday and she reckoned it's mainly the younger generation who voted yes. But fortunately older and wiser heads prevailed. x


Salmon has always been a stirrer rather like Scargil was in the miners strike. I first came across Salmons wrath in the 1970's when he backed up the then Health Secretary over the controversial changes to mental health this was the time when the old asylums started closing down full scale with its inmates being let loose on society.

I am also glad it was a no to splitting,we will be better off together.The biggest winner in the whole process was democracy itself,90% turnout is unheard of and all those young people realising they can make a difference by voting.Marvellous! D.

I'm Welsh and was happy the Scots had an opportunity to decide, I'm so delighted that more than half want to remain part of a United Kingdom - I cannot imagine it without them, it would be an awful loss.

Alex Salmond has just seen a dream shattered - a dream he pursued through all his political career, and I feel saddened for him. Westminster now has to realise that our country doesn't just stop at the Home Counties, we all have pride and passion and we all contribute to the general good in our own way. I would like a few minutes alone with the "suit" who stood up in Parliament and called my country a "Supplicant Nation" - his kind do nothing for the Better Together philosophy, especially since his kind asset-stripped us for centuries. Just saying!

I am so glad it was 'NO' and so relieved. We are much better together. Hope you are all well today.xx

i'm not, england has brought Scotland to it's knee's once to often, used us as guinea pig all to often. the damage they have done to Scotland is unforgivable.

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