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Woke up this morning half asleep,

With all me pillows in a heap,

But there wasn't any flowers all around me

Bedroom door was on the floor,

And I was seeing stars galore,

And the bedside rug totally escaped me

I'm just sitting drinking Old Rosie on the floor,

Come on just pass me a little bit more,

Then I can fix the door

Me lungs are kn******d and I can't feel me b*m

(Nobody told me it was better than an anaesthetic)

Azaard D'Az

Da' poet O' the North :0

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Very good Az. Is that to the tune of 'Flowers in the Rain' by Wizzard (?). Missed your poems - more please. x


Yep, It's Flowers in the Rain, but not by Wizard, it was by The Move in 1967, reached number two.

Well spotted flower :P :D

Watch this space You never know what's next


Yes I though it was 'Move' first but talked myself out of it. :) x


Ooooer Az can't wait! :) xx


A fee more ditties please. Ooh more alliteration.

Ditties for Dozy but would love a slice of lemon meringue pie please.

Love to both

Dozy :) x x x


There's SO much talent within this group!!!! :)

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Cool ! :)


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