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I have Bronchiectasis, MAC,Tia's, AT3, and Barretts disease, excuse the spelling..I have been very sick on the right side and thought it was a lung discomfort. My liver panel has been elevated for a long time. Now that I have the right Dr's in place they decided to do a series of blood work. Results came in yesterday, I am positive for Auto Immune Disease, ANA positive, and positive for PBC (pulminary biallary, cirhosis, I am tired.. I do not know what to expect. so much at one time. My body is tired and I am mentally exhausted. I have 4 children to raise and feel myself being exhausted. I have so much it seems as though it was all triggered by something. Not sure how the body works but something has caused all of this to happen at one time. I have a biopsy soon and then my Dr appointment for a treatment plan. Is anyone on treatment plan? And how do you do on meds? Im already on Mac treatment which is a toxic dose of antibiotics. Any input would be appreciated.. thanks guys.

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Hi Shirley

You have a lot to cope with hun. You might want to telephone the nurses at BLF - click on the red balloon at the top of the page for the number - you will, I am sure, find them very helpful.

Love cx


I am in the US..and have very good Dr's I am in good hands..just wondering what treatment consisted of...but I guess my case is complicated...


shirley29485 most lung condition's even some meds can lead to autoimmune problems hypersencertivsty they call it over here .. my doc said i have reation to

Most things and air

Yep i said dont be ridiculas to him but yep he was right

If its all knew to ya ad try not to worry to much as stress can be worse then condtion

When ya meds kick in things should settle down .. trick i have found is not to stress take things at slower pace and just becarfull with every day activities

Sorry can ad any further but wishing you and ya family all the best

O yer forgot can email BLF team they truely are star's very helpfull


yes please telephone/email BLF - they really are very very helpful and caring.


Sorry friends I am in the US..I use this site because of such wonderful people..


Hi Shirley,

So sorry to hear of all your health problems. I'm the opposite. I had autoimmune disease first (Rheumatoid Disease and Sjogren's Syndrome) which led to me developing Bronchiectasis. I'm on Leflunomide, Mucodyne, Prednisolone, Azithromycin, and a few other things related to various conditions. Hope you manage to get it all under control. xx


Hi Shirley, you have got such a lot to deal with and with 4 little ones as well I'm not surprised your feeling so drained and down. I don't know much about all the conditions you have but, I do have an autoimmune disease and when it first reared it's head, it brought a host of other problems with it. It does absolutely knock you off your feet. But, once the treatment starts to kick in, it does get better and you learn to pace yourself although, with your young ones, you'll find that much harder to do than I did, because my kids were grown up.

Until they get your treatment sorted, all you can do is try not to stress, as Daz said, because all that will do, is make you much more tired, rest whenever you can and wait for the meds to work when you get them.

Casper x


Casper thank you so much for your encouraging words. I do feel like I have no energy..and so.e other things and hope it gets better soon.


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