Just had a call from the drs, he has given me a sick note for 30 days with a advisory that I should then go back to work.

I wonder how he expects me to do that takes me all morning to get a shower and ready for the day.

I only sleep max four hours a night, and stairs lol once a day for me then rest.

I wonder who will employ a 56 yr old with COPD who can't walk much no skills and pretty much useless. Ok rant over, sorry but only you lot will know how I am feeling right now xx

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  • That's not fair astrel is it? I am in the same position; I was sacked at your age for sickness due to depression and copd related chest infections. I am now 60 and think who is going to employ someone of my age with disabilities and who was sacked from my last job? I am currently on Jobseekers Allowance and have to struggle through until November 2017 when I can get pension credits but not have to look for work. I don't get my pension until 65 and 6 weeks. The Jobcentre keep trying to send me on full time courses and I can't understand why they are trying so hard to get someone my age back to work when I only have just over 3 years to go. It makes no sense. You are not alone.

    I hope things turn out well for you. Take care. x

  • Thanks coughalot, I have done everything I can to improve things health wise, still feeling really sob when I do anything , I guess I will just have to do what I got to do, just angry with my dr really he has no idea how my life has changed as if I want this stupid COPD and be out of work I had a really good paid job before I had to give up. X

  • Just thought Astrel I got a letter from my doctor to give to the Jobcentre saying that I couldn't work full time. Go and see a different doctor and see if you can get one too. The Jobcentre staff do abide by it. x

  • Bless you know the feeling drives me mad. Luckily I don't work anymore, do you get disability.

    Kim xxx

  • Hi Astrel,

    Hi my name is Nick and i work on the BLF Helpline I have Read your post and I think it would be a good idea if you gave us a call on 03000 030 555 and spoke to one of our specialist advisor's that can give you some advice and information on your situation. Our opening hours are 9 - 5 Monday to Friday.

    Kind Regards.

  • Thanks Nick, I will do that tomorrow , today I have to pick up my sick note and that will just finish me for today. X

  • doctors and nurses often fail to see the big picture instead of asking questions as they should in order to develop a diagnosis and prognosis, nope it makes me so angry that they assume too much these days.

  • Hello Astrel, calm down and think the stress won't help your health. Many of us have been in your position in the past so understand how you feel, better now for the rant I hope. If you are unable to go back to work, and I appreciate the odds are against you, try discussing it with your GP or the job centre disability section. You can claim income support as unemployed with long term sickness if it is more than six months since you last worked. Think about your options, maybe a light part-time job and claim working tax credit on disability grounds. Your main objective now is to get people to accept you have a illness disability. Oh during my working live I was sacked four times by large companies on health grounds so more than appreciate what a downer this result is for you, anger is a natural reaction.

  • You need to tell your doc you want to see occupational therapist then he will relay to your doc you bushed in there mad lanuge

    I had chat with my doc " foot. Stamping " an all

    Basically my doc said how you live your life and problems is not our job Eh like really

    Well that was like red to a bull .. so i said you best refer me to someone who's it is ..

  • I don't want to see him right now or I may just say something that gets me struck off. I am going to the nurse in Wednesday so I will see what she says and where I can get some help, thanks everyone for your help, you lot really help me through at times x

  • Hi Astrel defo know what you saying yep yup all been there or going there.

    Have to try be posative when am down i luv going doc's yep get my jollies depesing them lot usaly i have list as i forget stuff

    Hope ya get it sorted as know to well when ya ill its pitts .. have to be strong cheers all tbe best :)

  • Thanks again Daz x

  • Even IF you are fit for work in 30 days. How can GP know that? If he not seen you for a month.....! Attitude ridiculous.

  • I have not seen my Dr for three months so he has no idea how I am, wee bit calmer now but only a wee bit lol, thanks Bevvy x

  • I don't know how anyone who does not have COPD can understand it how you feel tired all the time and what its like not been able to get your breath it is quite frightening

  • Yes I know Drs really need to think sometimes before they decide on people's lives x

  • Sounds like you need to see a decent doctor,ask the practise manager what is going on.This is not proper treatment!D.

  • Thanks agree Farmer it is not good, but i will get it sorted one way or another , thanks x

  • i really feel 4 u, drs expect way 2 much from us perhaps if they came 2 stay with us 4 a few days, perhaps then they'd understand how hard it really is.

  • Yes would be good if they did come to stay, he could hoover my stairs while he was here and clean my shower both jobs I find impossible to do lol x

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