Happy Guinea pig for the student docs!!

After being a guinea pig for 3rd year doctors i have come out unscathed and hopefully them a little bit more educated and confident !!.... Maybe me getting old but these young students looked like rabbits in headlight. But put them at ease straight away after removing my top.... I said, 'I know what your thinking' ..... 'your thinking how much abuse has he given his body for it to look like this !!!'. And I also added that the only thing I'm going to complain about is the temperature of your hands so make sure they are warm !!!......Seemed to break the ice.... and they all identified the fibrosis as well ..... Some were treating me like I was made of glass whilst others had their sleeves rolled up and dived in !!..... A good day in all and things were learnt, I was more than happy to oblige we all have to learn !!! :D :D

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  • sounds like fun! :)

  • You make me laugh Plumbob. Glad all went well for all. cx

  • Hi plumbob Ad agree with others yep glad you ok fella yup loved rolled up selves cold hands bit

    But cant help asking what the guna do to help .. Glad ya ok great post :)

  • Daz- they ain't going to help me, but I CAN HELP THEM LEARN !!! and we all have to learn and start from somewhere.... so I'm pleased I can help someone in anyway possible, that's always in my nature :)

  • Hi plumbob, well done u, x Sonia x

  • Where did they put there hands to warm them up before they touched you?

    WELL DONE my Guinea pig friend

    Love Sohara xx

  • They used me as a hand warmer and by the temperature of one if he was any colder I would have checked him for a pulse :D :D

  • Any nice lady students Bob? :d x

  • Only one the rest were young lads who looked like they should be home doing homework !!!! Do you ever get the feeling your getting old !!!!! ...... Have you seen the age of policemen nowadays?? LOL turning into to my grandad!!!!! :) :)

  • Glad you enjoyed the outing Bob,lol xx

  • Good for you - sounds like a good day! TAD xx

  • It is people like you that give them a human side. We know they have to be focused but they also need to know we need to be talked to not talked at.

    Well Done

  • Well done youXxX



  • I remember them junior Doctors and one night when we had a quiet moment we worked out how much they were paid this was before they did away the 100 hour week. It was shocking junior Doctors work very hard its just a pity some become arrogant when they finish the training.

    It is fantastic that people like Plumbob give up the time to help these Doctors.

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