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Hi all Sheila here, just a long rambling update! As some of you kind people will recall, i was a newbie and asking about oxy levels. Well i was admitted 3 weeks ago because my oxy level was 66 or so i was told by handsome ambulance men! Feeling pretty rough to say the least. In for 10 days had Atitromycin? ivs then sent home on oral of same. Still felt awful until i had finished them. Then i felt and feel better than i have all year!!! It got rid of the H Infuenzi, they then put me on azithromycin? In the mean time an appointment came from a different hosp. my resp. nurse said go with it.There i found out my fev? was just 20, so i now know what you all mean!! Had arterial blood done and they said no need for oxygen and put me on daily doxy instead of the azith. What really worried me about the whole thing is the 1st consultant said we hope to get you through this year, so i didnt ask the 2nd!! Wishing you all the very best.

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  • Hello Kininmonth,

    Why don't you give us a call on the Helpline number 03000 030 555 and we can arrange for one of our respiratory nurses to discuss your oxygen levels and your fev with you.

    We have a nurse available this afternoon and again tomorrow.

    Best regards,


  • Thank you, will call this afternoon!

  • Thank you, will call this afternoon!

  • Oh dear, what confusion. I do hope you rang the nurse and got lots of good advice. Take care of yourself ---- all the best.

  • Thank you, ii will ring today. Its lovely to be up and around again albeit slowly! Xx

  • Yes please ring the helpline to get some advise from a respiratory nurse - how confusing and worrying. Take care, TAD xx

  • Will do Tad and thank you! Xx

  • Wow you have gone though the mill hope it all keeps improving for you.

  • Thanks Offcut, feel great today!! Xx

  • Thanks Offcut, feel great today!! Xx

  • Seems silly thing to say when you feeling so much better. Staying clear of infection or getting treatment early for infection is crucial for us all. Now you are feeling better is great time to get exercising to your capacity and interrupting sitting down time. Do speak to helpline...sure they can reassure you. Xxx

  • Thank you so much, it is lovely to be up and around! Will ring helpliine this afternoon Xx

  • Hi Sheila, sorry to hear you ended up in hospital but glad to hear you have recovered and had the oxi and spirometer tests. Great that you don't need oxygen! As juliekay has said try to avoid getting infections and build up strength and stamina again. I hope hubby is feeling better about it all now as well as you know at least what is going on and you got rid of your infection. I hope the helpline can help you further-ask all the questions you have. Take care hun and lovely to hear from you again.xxx

  • Hi Jenss and thank you, yes i feel great, 1st time this year! I feel so much happier now and so does hubby!! The remark from consultant did really worry me, but having spoken to resp. nurses feel so much better about the whole thing. I am so pleased i stumbled across this site, certainly doesnt make you feel so alone. By the way i would like to reply to a member who had horses and think it was through you that i got her message, any ideas greatly appreciated!!! Take care Xx

  • I will pm you her details...

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