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Portable Oxygen Cylinder Sizes

I find the 2 litre cylinder too small. At 4lpm it will only last about 2 hours and when out shopping one is barely enough. Anyone know what other sizes there are and if they come with a small trolley?

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There are only two sizes 300/400 or equivalent. The 2litre is the largest of the two. Can you not use a conserver, "pulse delivery system " this will double the usage.

I have a portable concentrator which is set at its max, setting 5 and pulsed. That is fine for driving and sitting but when I walk about shopping my sats drop to around 75%...


Alternative, shopping trolley with seat, carry a spare cylinder.


Thank you for that link, Stone. I've tried all sorts of trolleys and not found a really satisfactory one yet but these look really good!

qbjb :)

yeah same answer as stone you need a conserver on it i get nearly 8 hours out of my portable and yes you can get a trolley

I have tried with the small cylinder as stated and it is no good, need to carry at least 3 when I go out (daily). Conserver is no good as I need continuous flow when walking. I would need somewhere in the region of a dozen or more of these cylinders at home, falling all over them ! ;-).

Need a larger cylinder on trolley to take out of car, leaving concentrator 'wired in' so I was hoping there would be something larger.

One of the biggest capacities is the ZX like I had to use in hospital. Not too big in size though. It stores 3,040 litres.


A trolley is also available.


Whether they would supply them to us lot I don't know but worth enquiring if that's the sort of thing you are looking for.

Have top wait and see what the Respiratory nurses say.....................

Ask about liquid oxygen.



Hi Scribe, I too moved beyond the ranges of the Helios type portables as I now use between 10 and 16 lpm. Now I have a Companion from Aire Liquide which has a maximum flow of 15 lpm but used permanently at the maximum level lasts only just over an hour. And its heavy! Ah well, back to the sofa.

Hi Scribe,...me again agreeing with you again. I don't know what the answer is. The 2 litre cylinder is heavy enough for me to lug around. I put in my supermarket trolley. Anything larger would be too big. My husband suggests that I use one and have another in the car which he could go and get for me.


Stupid bloody things,dark ages,expecting to cart around a heavy thing looking like a tornado,I'm dreading getting oxy, why can't they get up top date like swizz n Germany .you can buy light as a feather oxy ,that does me,just for attacks brings me back quicker than my salamol. All the meds that work you can buy on net, NHS give you meds that don't work. So what do they think I'm gonna do! Go for the best!!that work.

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