The Man at the QE, E' Say Yes!!!!!!! :)

The Man at the QE, E' Say Yes!!!!!!!    :)

Yesterday was a very big day for me, I was off to the QE to see my transplant consultant to see if my wound from an abscess removal operation had completely healed. I had the operation on April 3rd and have been suspended off the transplant list for a lot longer because of the high risk the abscess infection could kill me when I was weakened after a lung transplant operation.

We'll I'm very pleased to tell you all that the consultant was happy this time that no infection remains and I should be activated live on the transplant list once again in the very near future. :) :) :) .

Who knows I could be back at work, playing tennis and cycling again one day, yes you may have gathered by now I am an Optimist and a dreamer of great proportion Never say never Healthunlockeders anything is possible :)


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  • Great news Tony - onwards and upwards!! TAD xx

  • Hopefully its up up up all the way, well when I say that I'm not good on hills so down is my up if you get my drift. :) Tony xx Many thanks Tad xx

  • Tony that's fantastic news, pleased for u, take care x Sonia xx

  • 4 years ago I would have laughed at the thought of being happy about being on a transplant list but here I am and Yes I'm very happy :) :) :) . Thanks Sonia xxx

  • U deserve to be happy, ur still living life as full as u can so u deserve ur dream. X Sonia x

  • great news Tony fight the good fight hope your new lungs come soon

  • Thanks ant, I'll keep this body in as good a shape as possible and give it my best shot if the chance comes my way. With luck I'll have some pretty interesting posts for the healthunlockeders in the future.


  • Soo happy for you,young Tony!! Onwards & upwards from now on.Im sure the child bride must be over the moon too,not forgetting the rest of your lovely family.

    I can see some celebration drinkies will be called for!

    What a blooming relief for you xxx

  • Thanks Wendells, I'll save the celebrations until I get the phone call to confirm I am activated again on the list but that seems a formality as he has the main say in Thursdays meeting and he has told me he's happy for me to go back on.

    The child bride gets a little jumpy and nervous when I'm on the list but she knows I am 100% ready and committed so its is the best way forward for us all.

    Tony xxxx

  • That's definitely the best news ever Tony ! And I'm 100% convinced that all those dreams will come true for you. When we start to let go of dreams and hopes, that is the day we give up. As you know things aten't going to well for me right now but after an hour's wallowing, I went right back to the dreams and the plans. You are a perfect transplant candidate and let's hope it happens as soon as possible.

  • Hi Argana, I hope their still looking after you and the pills are working wonders. I feel for you stuck in a hospital where you can't open the windows, I've had to many hospital stays so I know how stuffy and hot they all seem to be, even on the respiratory wards where you would think they would have a little more fresh air for us.

    Keep planning and dreaming Argana, cruise that 6 minute walk and get back home. Tony

  • Great news Tony...pleased to know that you'll now be back on the transplant list and hope that you will not have too long to wait. All the best to you...Lovelight xx

  • Ahhh' the waiting begins again and I'm sure the nervous twitch will return every time the phone rings. Life on the transplant list I guess is better than the other option so there's hope again of returning to something like my old self.

    For now though I am happy with my life of tick over and chatting with my friends on Healthunlocked. :) Thanks Lovelight.

    Tony xxx

  • hey i was just watching you on youtube x

    brilliant news darl x x x x

  • Hi Mandy, Which video did you see? I've done a few for a bit of fun but also with a serious message behind them. Exercise is very important to maintaining what lung capacity we have left and most of us can do more than we think if we pace ourselves. :)

    Its good to be getting back on the transplant list again after a long time suspended on the sidelines.

    Tony xxx

  • Oh Tony what wonderful news...Do you know I have this 'feeling' that you will indeed get your transplant, and that YES you will one day do all those things you' dream' about

    The power of the mind ....I believe in that Tony

    If anyone can our TONY can

    Lots of love Sohara

  • Turning dreams into reality is my mission and this one's not mission impossible eh' Sohara. All I can do for now is stay as fit and healthy as possible and wait but I've always had lots of patients which is just as well. :)

    Thanks Sohara,

    Tony xxxxx

  • Congratulations Tony :) And you will certainly be in the best possible shape for a succesful outcome should the op become a reality!

  • Thanks Parvati, I have to stay in shape now don't I, being on the list does help you to stay focused and do the right things to improve your chances.

    Its a gamble either way, stay as I am and hope nothing nasty comes my way or go the transplant route and maybe get my old life back.

    Its a no brainer really.

    Tony :)

  • Great news Tony - soooooo pleased for you and find your spirit inspirational.

    love cx

  • Thanks cofdrop, I can start dreaming again of a better life ahead and that's what being on the transplant list can do for you isn't it.

    Bring it on soon and I might even do the Santa run this Christmas for the BLF Healthunlockeders. wouldn't that be something eh'

    Tony xx

  • Good News! Dream Big!!! Nothing wrong with that..

  • Yep Shirley, I'm up for the challenge and dreams can come true. :) x

  • Well done Tony your grit and determination have got you this far. Stay with it. Have a little drink for me. Cheers.

  • I'll have a cider or two and a dry white for you eh'. Just imagine what the party would be like coming home with a new set of lungs, sats staying around 98 and not an oxygen bottle in sight.

    I'm getting ahead of myself as usual but who knows eh' it could now happen.

    Tony xx cheers also.

  • Fingers, toes, ears and nose all crossed for you. Keep well and it WILL happen.

  • Its a waiting game now Suzy, I'll keep ducking and diving those bugs until the big day comes.

    Thanks again Suzy. xxx

  • Tony that's absolutely fantastic news, I hope your on the list very soon.

    Love good news.

    Kim xxxx

  • This good news has been a long time coming but being patient is one of my strengths luckily.

    Thanks Kim :)

    Tony xxxx

  • Thats absolutely great Tony Good luck and Best wishes Irene X

  • Thanks Irene, Its been a long wait but we got back on in the end. It seems abscess's can take a very long time to heal when your on immune suppressants and steroids. I have an army of nurses to thank for the almost daily dressings which have gone on for 4 to 5 months now. I'm sure they'll be very relieved that they don't have to see my rear end any more. Ha Ha.

    Tony xx

  • That's wonderful news Tony. If anyone deserves a break it's you.

    I see that a pub in Malvern has won Beer Pub of the Year from The Good Pub guide so I hope you had one to celebrate. Bet your family are delighted too. huge hug XxxX

  • Thanks Peeg, Is the pub you mentioned the Nags Head as they have won prizes before and have a very good selection of beers and ciders. Its about a 2 mile walk there from my house and a 3 mile crawl back. :) .

    It is good to be back on the list after a long wait wondering if it would ever happen.

    Tony xxx

  • I think it was Tony. I will check and let you know if it's any different. X

  • Brilliant Tony, wonderful for you. Hold on tight to your dreams too.

    Sending love and hope it happens before too long :) :) :)

  • Thanks 02, Have you recovered from your walk with the Jarrow ladies. Who knows your support for the walk could help us all one day, you did just great.

    Getting back on the list has enabled those dreams to become a realistic possibility, so we'll wait and see if lady luck come's my way eh'

    Tony x :)

  • Do hope so, she can be illusive but sometimes appears suddenly like the sun :)

    Yes, Im recovered thanks. Just been to a yoga session with my friend who's an instructor; she's tailoring the session for my breathing needs as a copd and reflux person. Hard work but very rewarding, biked home with more airflow. You take care Tony :)

  • I am so pleased for you and your family Tony :)

  • Thanks eyes, its a step in the right direction, all I need now is that phone to ring and hear the voice of the transplant co-ordinator saying come on in!!!!

    Tony x

  • that is wonderful news Tony, yes you will be playing tennis and working,I put a big request to him upstairs . Xx

  • Thanks js, lets hope he's taking request's at the moment and then who knows eh'. Tony xx

  • Tony that's really good news and I do hope all goes well for you, I knew someone on the dialysis list he was dialysing 3 times a week but every time you dialyse it weakens your hart but every time the phone rang he wondered if it was the transplant team good luck

  • Excellent news Tony,hope you get that phone call real soon.All the best!D.

  • Thanks FarmerD, There is hope for a better future now. :)

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