Increase breath with moderate COPD

I have COPD. I smoke for 37 years; 2 to 3 packs a day - I was the Marlboro man. I stop 14 years ago and COPD came on a few years later. Now I have moderate COPD and I take daily Spiriva & Advair. My condition seems to be maintain but I run out of air capacity when I do cardio. How can I increase my air capacity with my remaining functional lung capacity?

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  • Your symptoms are similar to mine and I take three - 1 hour exercise periods a week. To do this, however, I need secondary oxygen at 2lpm. My limited lung capacity and oxygen enables me to keep reasonably fit. To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to increase your lung capacity.

  • I use a BIPAP machine at night set at 18 intake and 10 on exhale along with an oxygen compacter set at 4 as I have central sleep apnea. I also need (about every year) vascular scraping and stents in my legs for my PAD. I just had one leg done and will have the other one on 9/26. Immediately after the surgeries I can use the tread mill. I have had both k res replace and I have diabetes. I had a lap band but a bout of reflux tore it apart and made a hole in my stomach. I eat okay during the day but frequently awaking at night due to neck pain (vertebras 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, & 6-7 are almost shot) - this plus Right knee pain 24/7 wrecks my sleep, lucky if I get 3 or 4 hrs a night sleep. I am trying acupuncture and a nerve block for the neck, For the knee I use gabapentin. Once I can minimize the Pain I want to do cardio exercise. I have other health issues and I think they are all related but I have a strong will to live and I happen to have a lot of brute strength. I just want to improve breathing. What does 21pm do for you, what equipment do you use and what exercise do you do? Thank you for your help.

  • I use callanetic exercise which is a none impact way of using the muscles. Tummy has failed but When I do anything with it I stop breathing so live with a belly now ;)

  • It's find the optimum use of the inhalers to get best effect.

    Eat healthily, minmise flatulence as swollen innerds (wind) will press on your diaphragm and make you feel tight and - for similar reasons - lose weight if overweight.

    Keep doing the cardio and your lung capacity will improve, little by little.

  • My BMI is my issue, Had a lap band but a bought of reflux broke it and ripped my stomach. Band is out now. I was 297 and got down to 222 - today I am 254. I wake often and nosh and I son't have the same self control as I do during the day. Assorted body pain wakes me after each REM cycle. I am now trying acupuncture. Perhaps I need a lock cell at night.

  • During the day my oxygen level is normal, but when I seep with central sleep apnea I would stop breathing 70 times a night. I use the oxygen compacter with a BIPAP machine. The COPD has me scared and I don't like when I extend myself, say when lifting something heavy , I run out of breath. It also interferes with my sex life. I try using the treadmill but I also have vascular problems of plaque build up in my legs (PAD) and when it builds up the treadmill is out and I need surgery. Getting old is a juggling act and I am not the best at it.

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