Oxygen saturation level!!!

Oxygen saturation level!!!

Does oxygen saturation vary in lying and sitting position? I find my oxygen saturation 97% to 98% while Standing or seating. but while in bed or lying position it goes to 94 to 96%. is this normal? anyone have this experience. I have shortness of breath, & treating with seretide acculahoor & some other madicion. as my bronco provocation test came positive with 61% lung capacity. though x-ray & other test were normal.

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  • Yes you will find variations throughout the day even if you spent the entire time in bed. It is normal. Any oximeter is only accurate to within 2% so there really is no significant change. Regards Rib

  • thanks for reply, my highest changes between seating to lying is 4%, because top is 98% & lower is 94%..

  • I am on oxy 24/7 at 4lpm and I find that seated I can normally get to 93-95% but lying down the highest I manage is around the 92%

  • thanks for reply, my highest changes between seating to lying is 4%, cos top is 98% & lower is 94%..

  • seated I manage a reading of 95-8% and lying down I am back to the acceptable 86 to 92%

  • Hi Ant 64,

    How are you? I see your oxygen is 95 - 98 sitting and 86 - 92 lying down. I was wondering are you on oxygen? H ow long have you had copd?

  • I am not sure when my acute Asthma evolved into COPD I think it was in the mid 1980's that I first started recognizing symptoms. I am not as yet on O2 preferring the present school of thought and that is taking a metered dose of your preventer through a spacer but I do know the time is coming when I will need to go on O2 so till then I will try and keep well

  • when I was ill in hospital, the nurse asked me to lie on a backrest to elevate the chest and head. It has made a difference. Plus I think, the mucus doesn't come up during the night. The oxygen level is somewhat depleted when lying down flat, they say.

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