a short pulmonary history of ron Peterson and a doctor who believes exercise can cure lung disease

I have posted some information on my site about my experience with emphysema as has been requested by some readers here

I have also posted a quote from a doctor who believes that exercise can heal lung disease

you may see this info at regeneratinglungs.com

ron peterson

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  • I am slightly confused. The 30 yr history of the improved health is not due to having had a lung transplant. Is that correct?

    Yes, exercise is good. Even if it is seated boxing. It is better than nothing. That walking can alone cure COPD seems very flawed when preceeded by a transplant. Regards Rib

  • I find this a bit confusing too.

  • I would love to know how exercise can cure IPF....and I suppose there are a lot of others who would find it interesting too. Saying exercise can CURE lung disease could be most misleading and could possibly be dangerous to naive individuals!

  • A dangerous comment from a doctor. I was told even though my sats dropped to the low 80's that was fine as when I stopped exercising they would recover. I took that advice. Damaged my heart. And ended up on oxygen.

  • This is misleading!

  • I agree that exercise will or could help obstructive conditions but as a RLD sufferer if I over expand my scarred lungs it will cause more scaring leading to swelling and more SOB. I have of late been doing a lot more physical activity due to moving house and my mothers death and clearing her house too. I posted earlier that my at rest stats are higher but I still get SOB for doing the same things as before.

    In Conclusion I would say that the DR has generalised his results to a condition COPD and does not seem to take in the fact of a lung transplant? I would even go as far as saying a blinkered approach!

    Be Well

  • The doctor who wrote this is a psychiatrist, so I wouldn't have thought lung disease was his speciality!

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