HI Everyone i have just finished my pulmonary rehabilitation course, thoroughly enjoyed it. Made a lot of new friends, learnt new breathing techniques witch helps with breathlessness therefore can do a lot more. came away feeling more positive about illness, I can now get on with rest of my life not letting this illness get in the way. I would recommend this course to any one who has doubts about going along. Thanks again for all your support I am also going to enrol in a gym to make sure i keep up with the excercising

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  • well done I am so glad you brought a lot more away from the PR course than you left have you thought what to do next? When I do my PR I intend to carry on at the gym itself just that I have to be built back up and made to realize my own expectations.

  • Good luck with the PR course I am sure you will enjoy it like i did you will recieve a lot of good information there is a section on healthy eating they will give you advice on building yourself back up.

  • thanks for the comments and support

  • I'm into my 4th week of rehab now and enjoying it. I too have learnt loads also been given some very useful fact sheets and forms to apply for things as and when needed. We are a happy friendly group.

  • Well done, I have not attended a PR course but have been referred to the local gym and it has helped tremendously, I have lost 3 stone in weight and my breathing is better. I do feel like doing things I have put off in the past.

    Keep up the good work.


  • I love all you people going to rehab. Your posts of all the helpful info helps gen up us that can't attend PR courses. Regards Rib

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