Still weak

Hi very weak, strugglin to even so much as gettin up from sitting down breathing has been ok...meaning i am not gasping and i am happy about that . But im having trouble just doing the lil things like walkin round the house. .any advise ? Mentioned this before and i had folks say that my body is working overtime cz of my breathing...but im not convinced that is the case...ok have a nice tues.

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  • Hi jimmy, sorry your haaving a tough time today. Do you have support? Hope so. x

  • hi hun

    i get like that all the time ive just posted an sos for tips on getting my energy up.......

    are you feeling drowsy with it or showing any other may need a chat with your doc we tend to blame our condition for everything but there could be other things going on

  • So sorry Jimmy you are having a rough trot at the mo I know it hard to believe the fact that your muscles are working overtime plus you are not getting the oxygen sats in your body all this makes any one tired. Are you on home oxygen yet? if not might be worth mentioning it to your doctor it just might add to the quality of life. Just hang in there and do the best you can.

  • HI I have severe COPD I am on home oxygen 3ltr Ifeel so much better on it, can do all my house work etc

    Reading this site I heard Scottsh Heather Honey was good for our condition,after try it I have more energy sleeping well .Tesco has it £5.69 Hope this helps

  • Are you less breathless on oxygen?

  • yes and I have more energy I thinks honey helps as well . Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks. A little better. Think I may need oxygen. X

  • Juliekay im not on oxygen hun, i have a nebulizer but i just feel that im strugglin to get up and do daily chores...and work is where i feel it most. I am a opthlamolic technician. I do tests n xrys on patients in a very busy office so i have to bring my A game everyday cz these tests are reviewed by doctors in the exam room with the patient there....the results of these tests i attach thru a network system.. i cannot mess them up...but the last couple days ive been lethargic n irritable....that cant happen at work cz i kno many pts and well its very personal with my i must block out any negativity ..ive been ok with that...also my wrist on my right side has excruciating pain shootin thru it. ..other than good..thnx for replying hun. I appreciate it..

  • That must be really tough for you. You getting enough sleep?

  • Lulu i am in philadelphia ....but i certainly will look.....thnx hun

  • Feeling better after being in hosp for almost 6 wks. Biopsied a mass pressing against my liver..results are good..yesterday was the first day i felt normal..its been warm here on eastern seaboard of that helps....ive been lucky. Thought id never feel any energy again but the severe spasms i get in my naval area for no rhyme or reason ...feels like a bad coilitis attacj must be checked. Im on advair, clindimcin lisiniprol, prednisone and lexapro...the pneumonia finally cleared up..ive lost 35 lbs since feb...down to 128..i am eating round the i gained 7 lbs...yep ice cream at 3 am...ok this is jimmyr going to get breakfast for its in philly.. im certainly not out of the woods but ill take little victories anytime n thank god for the warm weather..ill check back..have alot of f/u appts and been reading all of your emails (like 1,000) when i was in hosp.. was to weak to reply..but im ok n im praying for everyone across the pond also .love all over you n god bless..have a nice wednesday april 22....wanted to wish Queen Elizabeth a very belated Happy Birthday....take care ..ill check back later...

  • Dear Jimmy good to hear from you I have been wondering what you are up to. Sorry to hear that you had to be in hospital for such a long time but good to hear that you are being looked after and now starting to feel better. Well done! Remember to look after yourself and take it easy initially. Take it one step at a time: your body now needs rest to recover. Maybe think about making a new post so that it will be easier to notice. Best wishesxx

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