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Does anybody else find that eating puff pastry makes them a bit breathless? I lost a lot of weight after various infections, thrush etc so I've been trying to put a bit of weight back on to build myself up and have developed a passion for M&S pies. But I always get breathless in the evening after eating one! Thank goodness ice-cream is ok!

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  • I don't find that Frankie with puff pastry. Maybe it is the air inside them which is the problem? Love ice cream too but the coldness makes me cough uncontrollably... x

  • Puff pastry is made with large amounts of fat/butter but the pie filling may have a preservative? All of which could be causing a reaction. Anther theory is the puff pastry is not going all the way down and causing pressure on the Tracie, giving you SOB. Try to drink plenty when eating one and see what happens?

    Be Well

  • Not sure about being breathless Frankie but Pete would probably choke on the puff pastry because of the flakiness of it. He can eat something one day but not the next. Crusty bread is the the same. I hope you find a solution and wishing you well. xxxxx

  • Hello Frankie,I would suggest it,s the flakyness that may be the problem,the throat closes while eating to stop food getting into the lungs.With flaky pastry the throat is not sure when it,s clear and may keep the epiglottis closed.Maybe you should try short crust?D.

  • Thanks, guys, for all your thoughts and suggestions on this. I know that heavy meals leave me breathless, so perhaps it's the same with these pies. Anyway, I'm going to continue to eat them as I enjoy them and hope they'll help to keep my weight up. I was really just wondering whether there were specific foods that caused others shortness of breath.

    FarmerD - for some reason, shortcrust pastry makes me urge!!!

  • I have problem with pastry. It "clogs" my guts so much, too much. I try to avoid it. I avoid nutty bread, the nuts in the bread seems to block my guts function! I have a balance of white bread , Cornflakes and other food to try to be balanced with my functions. Not easy.

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