I have been overwhelmed by support from many many ppl in many it would take a long long time for me to thank everybody individually im thanking all those who have given me wonderful advise n support. ...i think this is the most fabulous site ever put up. ..i cannot begin to say what a pleasure it is to have found the BLF. ..sincerely yours..jimmyr

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  • Jimmy on BLF we are all in the same boat one way or another we share our knowledge and experience from most of us living life on the edge of a crippling disease be it COPD or what ever sharing is caring and from my experience with this site we all care for each other. Just keep the jokes coming I can't live without them.

  • ditto x x

  • Love the saying Jimmy and so true. And I agree with the others. x

  • Well said jimmyr I love this forum. Helps me through my black days. Each and everyone brings richness to it. Take care

  • Yep. BLF stands for British Lung Foundation with is charity run.

    We used to be able to pay to become a member, however, that was abolished because it cost more to administrate that than there were paying members.

    Now it's free to the world and it's marvellous.

    For we Brits we have the BLF helpline with health experts, benefits advice and counsellors 9-5 daily.

    We are very lucky indeed

    ps didn't Anais Nin write a very raunchy book?

  • :)

  • True saying Jimmy! Ditto what everyone else has said,take care xxx

  • A pleasure, Jimmy. We are still here too! :-)

  • We are all important to each other which is what makes this site the great comfort that it is.BRAVO FRIENDS! D.

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