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Good morning all looking for. Abit of advice I gave up smoking about months ago now :) with the help of the nicotine inhalator and support from this lovely site the problem is I feel. Abit of a failure as Iam still using the inhalator that my doctor prescribe for me I only use maybe. One cartridge a day some days not even that my doctor as suggested it's best for me especially with the stress that's going on in my life Iam confused :( as I feel like I've stop smoking. But still sticking the inhalator in my mouth is anyone in the same situation as me are no anybody. Abit of advice. Would be appreciated. Xx

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  • Sorry gave up smoking about 16 months ago missed that bit out :)

  • bloomin well done you Pamela 16 months! ( it's SO nice to se you back) :)

    Has your inhaling thingy got nicotine in it? If so, can you afford to buy some lower dose ones? I thought they went progressively lower until you've kicked the nicotine. Some of those things have zero nicotine so you can slowly come off the drug and just suck it..... perhaps that's what you're on now, forgive me if I've got it wrong.

    Pharmacists are very helpful of give the BLF a quick call.

    All the best, P

  • Hi peeg what a.lovely replie Thankyou :) yes my.inhalator as got nicotine in it it's the lowest one Iam on I've never. Been on a strong. One I only have 1 cartridge some. Days apparently I could have up to 6 a day but I choose not its disgusting my doctor is still prescribing me these as I've got a. Lot of stress issues and other. Issues going on at the moment. But Iam beginning to feel. Like a failure at the moment sorry for going on with myself. Kind regards pam xx

  • I think it's the hand to mouth action that a lot of smokers miss try rolling a bit of.a paper hanky up and push in the inhalator that's what I did and it worked for me.

  • Hi Newlands I think your. Right as the smell of smoke makes me feel ill now Iam going to give that ago as I've got couple of spare inhalator Thankyou. Xx

  • Hi Pamela, I packed up last year in November but I still use a tooting pen don't think I could have done it without it( fantastic for all those that did ) as I enjoyed a ciggie , but my health and kids came 1st. So I still feel like I'm having a ciggie but without all the harmful crap going to my lungs. Take care . X Sonia x

  • Hi Sonia

    Sorry if being a bit thick but what is a tooting pen ?

    Cheers Coastal .

  • It's a bit like an electronic fag but better they are also called vapour pens/sticks u can buy the juice in all sorts of flavours I have menthol as that is wot I smoked, we have a shop called " I fancy one " were I live in Tamworth, it is so popular here every other person is on one, they are brill , I didn't like the e cigs. myself and my two eldest are on them we all packed up on the same day And never looked at a normal ciggie again, to be fair just smelling the smoke now hurts my chest let alone trying to smoke a normal fag, but this is great. Hope that kinda helps. X Sonia x

  • Hi Sonia. What is a tooting pen never heard of them :) and we'll done to you for giving up the ciggies. I quit for my husband and grandchildren xx

  • Good for u pam giving up, it's not easy wot ever the reason we do it for. Google tooting pen or vapour pens it can explain what they are better than I can. All I can say is I wouldn't have done it without it, not cuz I'm weak but to this day I still enjoy a ciggie and this compensates, no crap on my lungs but my brain thinks I've had a ciggie. It costs me £7.50 a week for juice and pin. ( initial cost was £25 for the pen , charger and juice ) I only use their juice none of the market or garage stuff. I would recommend to anyone struggling to quit, great alternative for health and costs. Hope that kinda answers ur question. X Sonia x

  • Hi Pamela well done for quitting the fags. Don't beat yourself up about still using the inhalator, it is much better than smoking! x

  • Hi coughalot1 I try not beating myself up but I thought. I would be rid of. All this. Rubbish by now never. Want a ciggy again the smell of them turns my stomach. Xx

  • It's easy to give advice once you've given up, not so easy when your trying. I gave up 3 years ago come December, I had an electronic cigarette in my handbag and used it only when I really needed it, after about 6 weeks I forgot all about it and have never looked back. My point is don't beat yourself up about it the more pressure you pile on yourself the harder it will be. Your not smoking real cigarettes anymore that's the point.

    Kim xxx

  • Hi kimmie. Thankyou for your. Comment it's the point and so very. True xx

  • Hi Pamela - it is the action of smoking rather than the nicotine.

    I gave up my 40 a day and now enjoy e-cigs. Initially I went on zero nicotine but now prefer 1.2% nicotine for the flavour. I did use the inhalator but hated the taste and personally think that is more harmful than inhaling vapour.

    Before anyone squawks at me ( :) ) let me tell you that my latest check up showed an improvement in my lung function, which is quite extraordinary!!

    It costs me around £2.50 a week and is worth every penny!

    Good luck - do what feels right for you.


  • Hi Jude. Thankyou for your. Comment regarding the inhalator I don't like the taste at all but was told by my doctor that it's safer then the e cig Iam only going of what my doctor as said to me I will definitely look into it. And brilliant news about your latest lung function test :) xxx

  • Thanks Pamela :)

    Just one last comment - inhalator (drug company) versus e-cig (commercial company.) Who do the doctors have to keep in with? Why are drug companies muscling in to produce e-cigs? I rest my case!

    Many years ago, I trusted doctors, solicitors and accountants ...

    Take care

    Jude xxx

  • qbjb, I want to give you twice the recommendation! I think this is fantastic! I like how you approach this so honestly. Well done! Squawk, no, not me! :-)

  • Thank you helingmic :D x

  • ::))

  • It's the smoke from the fags that does the damage and the tar. Any thing you do to avoid these is a success so don't feel upset about it. As regards the final "letting go" of your inhaler, don't replace one habit with another....because that's all it is now, a habit. we are a bit like kiddies learning to walk. We have to let go of mums hand or the furniture at some time....if we fall, we can always pop back for reassurance before we have another go.

  • Hi cornichbrain my worry. Is that Iam replacing the inhalator because I no longer have a. Ciggie my doctor tryst reassuring me that the amount of inhalator I have is mynute but I still feel like a failure yet I no I will never smoke again the smell of a cigarette turns my stomach Thankyou for your wise words. Much appreciated. :) xx

  • Well done for giving up the cigs I did it 10 years ago with the help of champix don't feel guilty or a let down because your puffing on one of them oil things my old man does he like blueberry

  • Pamela, Five stars for giving up! And a star on top, because you are thee STAR!

    Look! One has to fail to eventually succeed! Like the little baby who learns to walk. he falls, but he cries a bit, then picks up and carries on. One day, that baby will be a runner! so will you!

  • Hello helinmic what a lovely. Comment. Thankyou :) means so much xx

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