A great night

Hi all, had a great time last night at my sister's 60th birthday party. Saw a lot of my family I haven't seen for ages, all 6 of my sisters and 3 of my 4 brothers, plus loads of nieces, nephews and their families. I felt proud to be part of such a large, loving family. I had a 'bit of a do' and was quite SOB after walking DOWN a long flight of stairs! One of my sisters who was there has recently been diagnosed with mild COPD and I think it gave her a bit of a fright, I just hope it brought home to her why she should really give up the cigs, if it encourages her to stop then my 'bit of a do' will have been worth it. I had my inhaler and soon felt better after some breathing techniques, but didn't like the fuss being made, but it's nice to know they care. All in all a brilliant night, didn't get home till 2 am! and feeling it today, but was well worth it,

Hope everyone having s great Sunday, keep on keeping on.

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  • That's good news you enjoyed yourself at your sisters 60th do. That's what you have to do is enjoy while you are still able. Late night but worth it as you say.

  • So glad u enjoyed ur night, and had all ur family around you, and like u sed if it helps family to pack up the fags sometimes a shock of seeing how it came become ( although not nice for you or them ) is good. And 2am wow live it up. Hope u've had a chilled day today to recuperate. X Sonia x

  • nothing like a big friendly family. I have a small one but appreciate them. 10 brothers and sisters has to be good. Good time remembering birthdays. xx

  • So glad you enjoyed it so much and hope you have built up more very happy memories. I went up north last weekend for a 2nd cousins wedding and it was great to see my cousins and all my second and 3rd cousins etc. I didn't want to leave them. x

  • You are so lucky to have such a big loving family - fortunately we have a great big family and it is so good to get together. Hope that your "do" has made your sister think! So glad you enjoyed yourself. xx

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