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Chia seeds anyone?

Hi guys

I don't know how I came across these but I bought a packet yesterday (buy one get one half price in holland & barratt £2.49 single price for 100g). I soaked 25g in water overnight and drank them with juice before the gym this morning.

I did my normal workout and was buzzing with energy afterwards. I came home and flashed through the housework and still am not finished - watch out skirting boards here I come!

Has anyone else tried them? The seeds are the only thing I did differently - maybe I shouldn't comment after just one 'dose' but I feel quite remarkable.

Nutritional values for 100g

Energy 444kcal

Fat 26.6 saturated fat 3.8 ( hi in Omerga!)

Carbs 4.9g

FIBRE 33.7 so take it easy!

Protein 21.2g

Salt 00.2g

I have not added any links as I would like to hear unbias comments

Well gotta get on with my jobs - and for those who can't I will give an extra polish on your behalf!

Kindess always

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Wow! I've just written it on my shopping list, any boost in the energy department sounds great, I've got so much to do!!!! Thank you Sokrackers!!!! huff xxxx


hmmmm you sure it was chia seeds?. Sure no one laced your morning cuppa!


I am certainly going to try them!! With the use of a buggy and a rollator, I should do great things BUT with other meds???


Hi pergola1

I had a great night sleep last night and feel wonderful this morning, I soaked 20g and drank them yesterday but today I only plan on 10g. They seem like powerful little seeds.

As for 'other meds.' i personally wouldn't be concerned. I have sunflower seeds, sesame, flaxseed etc. These are just seeds - just very nutritious.

Let me know any results if you try them - remember to soak them and remember they have 30g of fibre per 100g!

Kindest regards


here was actually a bit written about them in last Saturdays Daily Mail. It says " They were once worshipped by the Aztecs for being the food of the Gods. Now hundreds of years later, Chia seeds are revered once again as the latest 'superfood' trend.

Originally found in Mexico, the tiny seeds have been dubbed 'the running food' and hailed as the 'ultimate superfood' by athletes and health advocates.

They contain a wealth of antioxidants and minerals such as Calcium and have higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids than salmon. Omega-3 has been shown to help protect against a range of illnesses including heart disease and dementia.

The seeds are also thought to help dieters as they contain few calories but are high in protein, making people feel full.

However, not everyone is convinced of their power. A spokesman for the National obesity forum said 'I regard Chia seeds as a bit of a fad, they are here today and will be gone in a week's time and no one will remember them."

So there you have it. Your choice. It'll be interesting to see what happens. Good luck to those of you who try them.


Day 2, still full of energy but they make you pump!


I posted something about chia seeds a while ago- as I bought some from tesco and thought I'd give them a try. I didn't make a drink with them but put them on my porridge every morning for several weeks. I then stopped eating them as the bag ran out. Did they make any difference to my energy levels? I can't say for certain. Did I feel more tired when I stopped eating them? I can't say that I did either. Would I buy them again? Yes, if I saw some as they are a good source of fibre and I like their crispy, grainy texture, but I'm not sure they are a superfood, whatever that means. (Just a marketing tool, probably.)


so how are you doing with these now


There is a lovely recipe for chia seed jam and coulis in Michael mosely's book, just boil fruit like raspberries and chia seeds with a little water and maybe a little maple syrup and it sets to jam. More water for coulis to put on yogurt etc.


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