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Hi all just a quick question, my younger kiddies were sent home from school this week with consent forms for flu vaccinations was wondering what people's opinions on this were because to me I'm thinking is this really necessary surely people will eventually become immune to these things?! Of course people who have illnesses are different. Anyway just wondering what people's opinions were?


Sam x

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  • Hi Sam, all children between the age of 2-18 are going to be offered the nasal spray vaccine, it is to help the child against flu symptoms but also to stop the spread of the virus. Kids tend to cough and sneeze without thinking thus spreading the illness. It's a preventative measure. The nhs are now offering to young kids and kids with asthma, lung problems, diabetics etc. it's just a nasal spray so no injections. That's what I know about it, some one else may have more info, hope this helps. X Sonia x

  • warrington.gov.uk/news/arti... , I found this article,, xx

  • I didn't know anything about this so will tell my daughter as our grandson is 2 and goes to pre-school. Thanks for the info. xxxx

  • My grand-daughters had it last year, both are 4yrs old, the elder of the two was fine, but the youngest was very poorly for over a week, temp 103! :( They had it cause my daughter & daughter-in-law were trying to protect me, I understand all reasons for bringing it out & agree kids do spread germs everywhere, but I,ve asked my daughter not to put the little one through that again as it hurt me far more than any infection could

    I know we are dependent on the medical profession to help keep us breathing, but I feel the youngsters need to build up a natural immunity to bugs not have them inflicted on them, it,s not as if they consent!

  • We can never become immune to viruses as they change constantly. the more people they infect the more they adapt. the reason for the vaccination is to reduce the spread of the virus and to try and give you some immunity to it.

  • Hopetorun is right re viruses constantly evolving. The scientists who make the flu vaccination try to keep up and it is changed each year to try to cover the currently existing viruses. So it will help with immunity for particular those viruses but sometimes there is a new one which they haven't been able yet to include.

  • As someone with very severe emphysema on oxygen for mobility I am always keen to have the flu jab as soon as it comes out. My wife also has the jab to help protect me. After all she is my carer and wife. I cannot just walk away if she is ill. Or her from me. Talking to my nurse the subject of child immunization was brought up as i have twin grandchildren. Most flu outbreaks start in schools. It is children that rapidly spread it around the community. If you have grandchildren. Or children. Please get them to have these flu vaccination nose drops. That i have been assured in most cases tickle them and make them laugh. You will save a lot of misery for the child, and others around them, and may even save your life as one with copd if you do. Remember. Flu for us can mean life or death. And in very many case a spell in hospital.

  • The flu vaccine doesn't prevent you from having flu, it just lessens the chance and effect. If there is one vulnerable person in your family, you owe it to them to get everyone around them vaccinated. Last year my oldest grand daughter was able to have the vaccine for free but not the youngest and so when ever one of them got the sniffles, they all had to stay away.

  • Normally the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine is how 66%. This means that two thirds of vaccinated people do not get sick from the flu during flu season.

    Medics say the flu vaccine remains the surest way to prevent the flu. Even if you get flu after, you vaccinated, flu vaccine could reduce severe outcomes, hospitalization and death if people become infected. Influenza vaccine is strongly recommended for people who come in traditional risk groups threatened by severe complications due to influenza.

  • Thank you all for your insight and replies! My dad has severe lung problems and I am taking methotrexate so my kids are having the flu jab!😊 Oh and I've just had mine! Thanks again, Sam x

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