Hello all, just want to share a little bit of good news with you all. After being on oxygen at 3 litres ( I am told that is a high score) I went for an assessment at hospital yesterday and guess what...., my improvement is so good I no longer need oxygen. The company is taking all the equipment back on Monday.

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  • Good for you. I hope that your health continues to allow you to stay away from being tethered to a tank. Hopefully that too will add a spring to your step. Kind regards Rib.

  • Hi there,what wonderful news for you,you'll feel really free now!

    Do make sure you watch your diet & exercise,to keep yourself off it! xx

  • Thanks guys ,yes I will watch the diet and exercise,in fact I start the respiritory exercise classes in 4 weeks and am looking forward to that

  • Great news so happy for you. Best wishesxx

  • Hi Robby drum, and well done has its good to hear good news and improvment

    Keep up the excercise


  • Fantastic news well done xx

  • What wonderful news to wake up to Robbie, WELL DONE you must have worked hard to improve that much...just shows you what can be done

    What did you do actually? was it just exercise , or what other steps did you take to gain such a massive improvement?

    Whatever it was, make sure you keep up the good work....you must feel really great & encouraged by this result....its also very inspirational to others too

    Thanks for coming in to share your good news

    Love Sohara

  • Wow that's great well done. x

  • Fantastic news so pleased for you

  • Oxygen, that is fantastic news.!!!!

  • Well done you, x Sonia x

  • You must be delighted. You will give hope to loads of people on here. Keep up the good work and well done you. x

  • very well done - wonderful news :) :)

  • wow iam amazed at that I thought once your on oxygen you never get off it . that is great news . have a great weekend

  • What fantastic news, you must have really worked hard.

    Kim xxx

  • Yippee xo

  • Great news ! May God bless you with further good health and happiness .How did you manage it . Any special exercise , diet or medicine .

  • What very good news,not often we get good news, Have a good life Bulpit

  • Well done please share your ideas, what a boost to a newbie like me to be positive in outlook.

  • How did you achieve this miracle?Please share so we can all try it!D.

  • Oh great, I was the same a few weeks ago, marvellous feeling to not be tethered to oxy in the house :)

  • Hello again, I think my improvement is mainly down to good diet (I do have a treat at weekends )

    I do deep breathing exercises,trying to beat or match my previous oxymeter scores. But then I also own and use a machine I saw Dr Chris Steele talk about on the TV some time ago. Its called AIRNERGY,if you google it you will see it for yourself. I use it twice a day for twenty minutes,its breathing scientifically adjusted air through a canular .

    Many COPD users have sent in testimonials for it and I intend doing just that.

    As with most good things the machine is very expensive but after a family meeting we decided to go ahead. cant spend money once you are dead and if it gives me a better quality of life for a while then its worth it.

    I do not work nor am I attached too this company in any way what so ever

    good luck :-)

  • This is great news. I am curious about why you were receiving oxygen therapy. What were you diagnosed with, and how long had you been on home oxygen? The reason I ask is your post gives hope to people, myself included about possible getting off home oxygen.

  • Hello,I was on oxygen because the COPD nurse's put me on it after being tested.i HAVE COPD That's as much as I know,I was on it a few months.

    there is always hope my friend always.

  • This is a fantastic story!

    I see you were on 3lpm. How many hours did you have to use it? Were you on ambulatory oxygen?

    Only three months is great. Were you put on it during an exacerbation perhaps? It took me 6 months on oxygen just to complete all the tests.

    I am puzzled though. When my sats were low and I tried to increase them by deep breathing - my sats reading went down, not up! How strange am I?

  • I was told to use oxygen for 15/16 hours per day which for me was impossible. Yes I wonder if you are right ,I may well have been tested for it during an episode.....but all I kow for sure is It feels lovely not to have to use it right now.

  • Wonderful. Be well😊

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