Ive noticed a few people asking about these. well don't leave it. I went to my doctors on Thursday for an emergency appointment and asked generally about when I should book my flu jab I am severe stage COPD and also have recently had a large lump removed from my lung so should Im told be on the priority list.

No chance they say all appointments have been booked till mid November and even then they cant guarantee I will get into one of the those at the end of November.

I tried to explain and was told they no longer prioritise patients and it is up to you to book and appointment. Basically its my problem no theirs. We were taken over by a private company last year and things are definitely on the downward spiral.

I am in the lucky position of having a family who are happy to pay for me to have it done privately but what if I wasn't. It doesn't bear thinking about.

Anyway please everyone who needs one phone your doctors sooner rather than later I would hate anyone to be in the tis position.

Happy days everyone


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Thanks for posting this. How awful. Simply atrocious state of affairs. Luckily my practice has me on a priority list and says that they will not begin appointments until October but others be warned by NannyPat's experience. Regards Rib

Yep that sounds like the state of the NHS these days. It's not right is it? But those rich b....... who run the country don't care do they? x

My local Doctors are well on the ball, I have mine booked in for 08.46 on the 4th October and they are on time to the minute, in jab and out. Quite impressive in today' s world.

We seem to be very fortunate by comparison , our local doctors practice starts a " walk in " flu jab service from end of September in harrow - middlesex, I need it, hubby has to have one also as he's my carer, but you know blokes , big sissy's when it comes to needles, he asked the nurse for a sweetie for being a " big strong boy " and got told he could have a sticker instead - bless.

So sorry to hear that Nannypat1947 I recieved my letter from Drs yesterday saying I've been booked in for the 4th October xx

Oh that is dreadful. I have had mine. I went to collect a prescription from my Practice and the receptionist said I will book you in for your flu jab. I didn't even mention it.

Will do. I was expecting my usual annual letter which has not come to date.

Hi NannyPat,at our surgery they have two weekends where you can just walk in and have your flu jab xxx

I went and booked my Jab yesterday,and it is for the 4th October.

I thought it was a little early for my flu jab letter, usually our surgery starts in October, will have to see there website for start date ect. Thanks for the hint about waits Nannypat1947.

Our local chemist, that supplies our medications asked me if we wanted to book our jabs with them. It's free and you don't have to sit in the Doctor's surgery risking catching something else!. So I would suggest you ask your chemist.

Not a good situation to be put in, I'm lucky my surgery does a drop in flu jab clinic on a Saturday as well as appointments.

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