Hi guys, went to see my consultant yesterday. I have been suffering from ringing in the ears for the past 3 months and I was really worried he would stop me taking the Azithromycin. I needn't have worried, he said I am on the Azithromycin for life and he is not convinced the Azithromycin is the cause of my hearing problem as it began after a infection in my sinuses. He is writing to my GP to ask her to refer me to ENT. What a relief, I had visions of being ill every month again. He also picked up on the high dosage aspirin I am taking, and said it was no longer recommended as a treatment for AF and that there are better ways of protecting my heart, such as Warfarin, the cardiologists no longer recommend aspirin aparently. Not really sure I am happy about Warfarin, all that taking of blood etc. But hey ho, we must do as we are told. Whilst we were talking I mentioned I did not have any steriods in my emergency meds pack and as I am travelling to Spain on Sunday I wondered if he thought my GP should prescribe them? He was adamant I should always have steroids in my emergency meds pack and should phone my GP for a script. I am feeling much better and don't have to return to the consultant for 12 months. Great news. Maximonkey

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  • soo glad your consultant has been so very helpful. Have a good time in Spain! :)

  • Its such a relief to have a good consultant! Have a great trip to Spain xx

  • Excellent - have a fantastic holiday!

  • Result!!!! good Consultant! Have a great holiday, enjoy yourselves!!!! :) huff xxxx

  • Thanks guys for the good wishes. Take care of yourselves whilst I am away. Maximonkey

  • That's good news Maximonkey, I too was told I would be on Azi for the rest of my life, which actually cheered me up, as I felt this meant my consultant thought I would not become immune to them, and like you they have been of such a great benefit to me re: cutting down my exacerbation's

    Did your consultant say what you should do if you do get a chest infection even when on Azi? I know you mentioned steroids , but did he say if you should take another antibiotic too? or take more Azi? I have had a cold this past week, which up until now has ALWAYS resulted in a chest infection....Not know what to do, I have been exercising, lung clearance breathing and I have upped my Azi to 1 every far this seems to be working...but if it doesn't? what were you told to do?

    Thanks for any input you may have on this

    Love Sohara

  • Hi Sohara, I do not take Azith when I am ill I take Clarithromycin which is the same family of antibiotics. Neither my doctor or consultant want me to take both at the same time. I understand from other posts that other doctors feel differently however, I can only tell you I am doing what my doc wants and it seems to work. Take care Maximonkey

  • Hi maximonkey, nice to hear you have a good consultant, and enjoy Spain. Take care x Sonia x

  • Asprinh as more against than for. I have been on Warfarin since 1992, most of the time once it is settled in it is not a problem. There are other meds that will do the same but they do not have an antidote yet.

  • Thanks offcut, I don't feel so worried now. Take care Maximonkey

  • Energetic consultant. Have a good trip to Spain.

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