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mornin all x remember the beginning of july when i had a rant over the council n our rent because the property belongs to relatives x well we are getting the rent paid but there will be a short fall has it has 2 bedrooms n we are only a couple living in it so i now have to appeal x i wouldnt care but i have a letter stating we needed two bedrooms x i wouldlike too thank you all for your advice on the last rant it worked a treat hopefully this next fight will work out well x x chrissy x

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  • Hi Chrissy,yes I remember your previous posts.Glad that it seems to be working out,good luck with the next battle! xx

  • thx wendells x even if they dont give us the short fall im not movin x feel so much better here my hubby gets a lot more fresh because of garden and a bit exercise because he can walk up n down x were our old house was a street house x even our bella the staffy has a spring in her step lol x x chrissy

  • Good luck with the next battle!!! xx

  • ooops tad iv ment to press recomend and it came up report lol so sorry x x im sure we will win the next battle especially with you lot behind us x x chrissy

  • Good on you chrissy. Go girl and get 'em :) x

  • sooo glad you won one battle - good luck with the next - hang in there! :)

  • That's good. I read this week that the bedroom tax is no longer. Soon it will be abolished.

  • This is a great update Chrissy, so pleased!! good luck with the next battle :) huff xxxx

  • We are just a couple but we have, after a small fight, been given extra for our spare room. We fought it on one of my children coming to stay overnight as a carer if my wife was away or unwell.

  • Hi Chrissy,I just hope people like you can manage to hang until we get rid of this evil,self serving bunch of ***** in this government?These Tories have cost us all billions and will not even be sanctioned in any way,it makes my blood boil.Good luck in your fight!D.

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