Daughters wedding pics as promised - Plumbob

Daughters wedding pics as promised - Plumbob

Photo's from My daughters wedding in Wales last weekend - I'm still recovering from aches and pains but loved every minute of it.

photo's of Bride & Groom, me and my gorgeous wife with happy couple, and me invading my son & daughters Photo's (ps i know this post is not for the guys- But promised a couple of pics for the ladies)

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What a beautiful picture! I adore the sunflowers - they are such happy flowers. So glad you had such a wonderful day. :)

What beautiful pictures - what a wonderful backdrop. So pleased that you had such a fantastic day xx


Lovely pictures,

Just a thought are you using a PC or I- Pad.

If you are using a PC it may have a program called movie maker, where you can load all your photos into a slide show, and add music. Then you can upload to YouTube , choose the option " by link only" and then post.

For I-pad there is a App " Flipagram " load all your photos, add music , and you can post or send as E-Mail ect.

Just for you.


Stone - I'm impressed didn't know you could talk greek ? or double dutch in my case as the advice was appreciated, but I wish I was taller cos it went over head !! LOL just got simple little camera old computer and old brain !! Cheers :D :D :P

Beautiful!!! great photo! huff xxxxxx

How beautiful. x

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