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I have been in a lot of pain with my joints and chest this last week or so. And my co-codamol 30 have not been hitting the spot at all. So my wife booked me in as I was near the end of my supply and could see I was in pain. I did not see my usual doc but a young lady who greeted me in. I explained were I was at. Quick look though the notes and she asked about my breathing and am I seeing a consultant? Once I gave her a brief history she asked do I have sleep problems so I explained I am awaiting another SA test she said that is wise as it might be prudent to be on pap machine at night anyway? I was moved over to Tramadol 50mg 1 every 4 hours. Not sure if it is the tablets or the mind but It is more bearable.

This has been enlightening on how she got so much info out of me and explained why she asked in such a short time.

It worked for me!

Be Well

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  • Oh thats good Offcut. Try and see the new doctor all the time, she sounds much better than your old one. My sister has severe osteoarthritis and takes tramadol and says it is good and does help. Good luck. x

  • Trouble is they seem to leave when I find a good one?

  • Well done. I hope the PAP trial is successful. Very helpful to some people. Unfortunately not for me. Tramadol is a whole new level of pain medication.


    Regards Rib

  • If it keeps it to the level it is at now I am a lot happier. What is strange is if I am given morphine it hardly has an affect on me? But the one that stimulate the brain to produce seem to have worked better?

  • People react differently and also differently when they have different types of pain. Are you aware that for most folk that adding 1 paracetamol to 1 Tramadol has more analgesia than 2 Tramadol. This what Tramaset contains. I have a very long experience with analgesics. Lived on them for 30 odd years and tried most at one time or another. Regards Rib

  • Great - glad to hear that you have got better relief. Take care, TAD xx

  • I slowly took myself off Tramadol earlier this year after taking it for many years. I had previously been on other medications that were taken off the NHS supply list because of problems. Tramadol worked well for me for some time (100mgs 4 x a day) but then I had to start topping them up with Brufen 400mgs if pain was really bad.

    I then realised I was becoming addicted to Tramadol (which can happen). This was when I decided to stop them. It took me a few months to do so.

    I have now been only using Paracetamol and Brufen (this only occasionally) for a few months but need to see my Dr soon as my painful joints are becoming very painful and stiff again.

    I must say, that although Brufen is not recommended to use with respiratory conditions, they had no adverse effects on my breathing.

    I couldn't get away using CPAP so am now on Oxygen overnight. My SATS still drop because of sleep apnoea but my Consultant is keeping a close check on this.

    Good luck on your new medicine regime.


  • Thank you. I do have a major issue with Ibuprofen I took a strong over the counter one to see if it was better than my co-codamol on Monday and I could hardly breath for a few hours and felt lousy I have to be careful with anti flams too :(

    I try and live with minor pain but it has been well past that level. They tell me I have a high threshold too?

    Be Well

  • My Stomach ruptured causing a major GI bleed due to taking prescribed anti inflammatories for too many years. Brufen is OK but in occasional doses. Now I can't eat half the food I would like. Bland is my daily flavour.

    Regards Rib

  • glad you are suffering less. funnily enough, Tramadol just doesn't do anything for me, yet it is supposed to be next to morphine on the painkiller list. Have taken it after a car accident, also for my spinal fractures from osteoporosis...just hardly eases anything. But, some people think it is marvellous...hope you are one of them! :) My co-codamol 30 isn't doing much either but I have been taking it for a number of weeks....perhaps a rest from them might help. I will check with the GP . You take care and stay with that new doctor!!! :)

  • If you check the link I posted above for Offcut you will see how Tramadol fits into the opiate list compared with morphine. Regards Rib

  • thanks you :)

  • I have 3 compression fractures in my spine too.

  • Ouch ouch ouch - I know the feeling! :) Move SLOWLY!!! :)

  • Hi offcut, I may be wrong and I know everyone is different but I thought people with asthma, copd well any breathing problems couldn't take tramadol. X Sonia x

  • I and many others here take far stronger opiates. What is correct is that they are cautioned against as they cause respiratory failure. It is up to Doctors to make a delicate judgement when prescribing these. As they are only available on prescription there is no real worry. Regards Rib

  • Good to know, I have taken them b4, one I'm ok with 2 make me giddy and sick, I'm ok on diclofenic and brufin, I have to watch aswel as I'm on sertraline anti depressants and maxalts/ sumatriptan. Thanks for the info x Sonia x

  • You are very welcome. With a Profile like mine you get to be a bit of an armchair expert. Just always, only following your Doctor's advise of course. Regards Rib

  • Actually rib some of the docs I've seen I would put more faith in the likes of ur selves when it's come to health care, but yes seriously I will always ask the doc 1st then the experts ( u lot ). Take care x Sonia x

  • I am regarded as an Patient Expert. A scheme started under Blair. As some patients have greater in depth knowledge about certain conditions than GP can ever acquire *. It all helps fill gaps for GPs who have to learn such a vast field of knowledge. Rib

    *unfortunately not COPD

  • I had to explain how the oscillator worked and why they put it on me for 10 days. It kept me alive but I am suffering the consequences of it now.

  • Is that what did for your Spinal fractures or did you have them before the Oscillator? You are certainly an adventurous chap.

    Regards Rib

  • No it was 6 months after I was released from Hospital. I had lost over 3 stone in ICU (32 days) and it was mainly muscle wastage. I had a little wear there already but while I was driving home I was forced over some potholes and it made 3 vertebra collapse.

    The Oscillator caused damage by over inflating my lungs which were bleeding because of the infection anyway. I had over an inch of Empyema on the outside of the lungs which in turn stripped/scarred the outer lining.

    On a positive note I lived ;)

  • Oh yes. I have hours of health stories. Dozens of operations but they all end with that punch line. That despite all the odds we survived and that is a damn good result.

  • I have RLD which is not very responsive to any drug. ibuprofen is my drug to upset me.

  • I find so often that as soon as the magic letters C O P D are mentioned, the fact that we may be suffering from other problems just gets immediately chucked out the window. Even by some very senior health professionals. I know whenever I roll into a room it is 9 out of 10 that the immediate assumption will be because of my breathing difficulties. It never crosses the mind that I may have been in a wheelchair years before I ever had a lung issue. Doctors expect me to stand up. Xray radiography staff expect me to leap up on their table, etc.

    Regards Rib

  • It took me over 2 years to even give me a test for breathing problems from when they got worse. They would blame it all on my heart conditions! Even after my cardiologist had sent a letter stating his concerns about my lung condition? it was only when I found I had worked with asbestos did they do any tests!

  • This again does seem odd, and wrong. I can't be too expensive or difficult for a GP to have given you a simple spirometry test. Which presumably they didn't or they would have referred you when reading the scale. Crazy. It must be cost effective to NHS and society to detect early. Let alone the toll on the poor patient who deteriorate for lack of intervention. Rib

  • I had been asked by a number of consultants and doctors if I had COPD for many years but my usual GP and the practice head GP would insist it was all down to my heart problems. Even after my major lung infection and failure they put it down to one of those things. Even after my pneumonia and pleurisy episodes since and worsening SOB the receptionist even got one xray wrong I was told that it was a mild infection but in fact was double pneumonia which I only found our because I was feeling worse and went in to see him!

    As I said earlier it was the fact I had worked with Asbestos they had to act. The GP Spiro nurse would not even give me the results and then I had to try water tabs to see if that helped which it did not before I could get them to put me on to a consultant!

  • I am appalled by your treatment. Utterly indefensible. Rib

  • Shows they are human. My usual GP has eat humble pie and now spends more time with me. I even thought of moving but better the devil you know?

  • That's good news. I agree about not moving. I moved GP only when moving home and too far to travel. I am very fortunate with my new GP. His being ex - services helps a lot too for me. It whether I visit him or he visits me there is an air of equality and mutual respect. Hopefully you will be able to build that too. Your GP must be aware that you could have left. He has to respect that too. Getting a less rushed appointment has to be an increasingly good thing. Regards Rib

  • I had to have a chest X-ray a month ago and could not believe how caring the radiographer was. I know this is not the norm, Rib, which is why I'm sharing this!

    I trolled in on my scooter with oxygen cylinder in the basket at a rakish angle ( :D ) and he asked if I could stand. When he saw the dubious look on my face, he said "don't worry, we can do this another way" and took the pic with me still on board!

    To make my day even happier, he complimented me on my manoeuvrability :D :D - I do hope he does my follow-up in a couple of weeks and I don't run over his feet or something lol!


  • Maybe it was that rakish angle that soften the mood ;)

  • Lol :D

  • I have received wonderful caring and compassionate treatment from all areas of Healthcare. Some in conditions beyond ordinary people's comprehension even if they think TV shows what it is like. I never experienced what I posted above though until the top of my notes said copd. All the years of attending any of the other clinics there were no such assumptions.

    Maybe it is the difference of nasal cannula and a face mask. Maybe as Offcut says it is the angle of your cylinder

  • You know I'm not making light of the various and many problems that we all suffer in different guises but my survival kit is trying (sometimes desperately!) to see and inject humour wherever possible. :)

    Having said that, one of my major irritations when I am on scooter is that people think I have no brain and direct all conversation to whoever I'm with. This patronising and offensive behaviour has led to some explosive comments from me - and will doubtless continue to do so. :D :D

  • 32 yrs in a wheelchair has not lessened the offence I feel of that either. I have had the lot. Checkout girls who look to others to pay for my shopping. Even had my change offered to a lady who packed my bag for me. I had years of self propelling and roaming the city alone. I would have people address total strangers who were behind me in queues rather than talk to me.

    I am just so grateful that I did have years of full mobility and full fitness and did not have to endure such vile treatment as a child and teenager as many do.


  • In 2009 I went to New York with my adult 'kids' and had to have a wheelchair with man to push me around. We didn't want him but airport insisted.

    I wanted to go to duty free but this moron kept ignoring me and asking my kids where to go. I finally exploded and informed him I had a brain and would be obliged if he would ask ME what I wanted.

    I don't get out that often to get this aggro but I won't tolerate these idiots. It's a disgrace that we're patronised for having mobility problems and I now have zero tolerance, usually expressed by a very loud "Excuse me ... " :)

    And so we battle on ...

  • Offcut, some doctors are more geared to what's really happening than some others. Can you stay with that doctor, she sounds efficient.

  • I would like to think so but they seem to have a high turnover at the health centre.

  • At least, try to see this one again. it's good to have someone who wants to share their knowledge. have you got a respiratory nurse to help you. If not can you get referred to her. They are a fantastic comfort where help is concerned.

  • The one at the surgery understands asthma and minor COPD but cannot equate the difference with RLD. Insisting on the way I use ventolin might help?

    My Consultant has confirmed that my old inhalers are of no use to me now but might help if the asthma creeps in.

    So I am not over confident with her comments.

    Be Well

  • Offcut, has she given any alternative, though or just left you high and dry?

  • The consultant has said "sorry but I do not have a magic pill for you" The GP Resp nurse has left it to my GP to decide, who has concurred I do and have had a problem with my lungs for some time. But is looking at what happens when ever I get my SA test and PR?

  • What's SA test? Pt should be good, informative and a bit testing for the exercises,but good. Hope for the best.

  • Sleep Apnoea

  • I was on Tramadol I didn't get on with them made me very sick I'm back on morphine now but I hope the Tramadol work for you pain is a awful

  • For some strange reason Morphine does not seem to do anything for me. But opiate producers seem to kill it better?

  • I use morphine for lower back pain I also get injections every 3 months but morphine only takes off the edge. My old man swears by a tot of whiskey for pain a nice single moult

  • I will drink to that ;)

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