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CT SCAN n stuff

Sent for more XRays after I started coughing Blood up, GP said they were clear (?)

Main Hospital rang me 2 days later, straight back for CT Scan.

Results show a partially collapsed Lung, small airways damage/C.O.P,D.

Back again the next day for Bronchoscophy (this HURT LIKE HELL, Staff did apologise afterwards!) and a rinse out.

Awaiting results, now I cannot walk uphill without lots of rests, trying to walk at my old speed is a no no and sleeping in bed is difficult.

Tried to ring the Help Line/Duty Doctors telephone number on the appointment letter for advice several times and all it does is ring, ring, ring, ring.............................................................!

*Received a call from the Tribunal head office concerning my A.T.O.S Appeal, explained to lady about the current state of my health and was then informed I am not eligible for Jobseekers allowance.

She gave me the address of Jobcentre Plus/DWP dept in Wolverhampton who she said have the power to bi-pass my appeal, she told me to send off a Report from the doctor to them?

******Anyone else done this?*******

Fed Dog and cooked myself a meal while I waited for Jobcentre Plus phone line to be answered only to be told I had been given me the wrong advice/telephone number and I had to make a fresh claim

Redialled and then (eventually) the person had to stop my application/claim halfway through promising to ring me back in half an hour, and then did not.

Contacted after an hour by someone else who completed my claim.

I now have to wait *7 days to 2 weeks for the paperwork.

*How do I pay for my Prescriptions in the meantime??????

He did inform me that A.T.O.S were no longer going to be carrying out the DWP Assessments any more.



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morning woodshaper, this is so awful for you to be going through. I wish l had the answers for you. This must be so frustrating and stressful. Both of which you do not need. You have so much courage to have gone through all this and still keep fighting. Do you have anyone who can support you? Can you maybe get PALS to tackle issues? Wish l had the answers. wishing you all the best.x


This sounds bloody awful and so stressful - I cant help at all, I wonder if the BLF helpline could give you some practical advise? Sending you lots of love TAD xx


Hello Woodshaper, I would phone them up again, and again ( early morning 8.30 ) it is possible for them to pay immediately into your bank account you shouldn't have to wait so long, or at all. I would phone and say to them it is a matter of life or death and you need to be able to pick up your meds, good luck, bet you're sick of all the hassle, to think we've all paid into this system all of our lives, it's a disgrace!


How awful for you Woodshaper when extra stress is the last thing you need at the moment. Are you on any benefits at all at the moment? The best thing you can do which won't help you with paying for prescriptions at the moment but make sure every time you pay for one you fill in a form at the chemists so you can claim it back when your claim goes through. Or just tick the box to say you are getting benefits, They only check the odd one so you will probably be ok. It's only for a couple of weeks and you will be entitled to it anyway so I would do that. Or tell the chemist the situation and see what he/she says. Good luck with it. x


Poor thing,So definitely we need a health worker to help people like you to fight for them in the environment sorting out claims ,J.s.a. Making sure you don't have to suffer more than you have to,when your on your own and not well we need help like food. Money.when they get a venue for a group thing it can be talked about,slow process.


Hello Woodshaper,sounds like a nightmare,only thing I can suggest is try the Citizens Advice people,they were very helpful for me.The best of luck! D.


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