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Azithromycin 250mg One A Day Side Effects

Azithromycin 250mg One A Day Side Effects

I have been on these Horrid antibiotics AZITHROMYCIN a month now.

My question is as anyone else experianced epersodic hyperventalation wile taking them and issues with qvar red inhaler reacting.

Also as anyone felt like passing out ill befoure they take there next antibiotic.

On plus side a dont cough as much BUT my chest is more congested

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oldestnewest I have no knowledge of these at all , but hears a link on them tho,,, xx all the best ,,

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Hi twiceshy3 defo cheers all ways nice to hear from you

Thanks for link with out reading it i would not had a apifany as to why the antibiotics are so rank and am have such a hard time.

Anyway all run it past ya wile you bobing along :)

Like i said i think a know why antibiotics are not working

Its more to do i think with me haveing a inflamatry disease caused by what i surpect to be asbestos fibers in my lung and my bodies inflamatry responce.

Am no expert but i dont think antibiotics will work unless its infection or bactriea ?

Anyway so we are back to good germs surpesing my bodies inflamatry responce or antibiotics killing good germs so to speak thus disabling germs antinflamatry responce thus making me feel ill

Its all very confusing but there is methotd if ya can see threw the madness

Trick is a think ... is to get the good from both and leave the bad at home

Cheers thanks fir comment hope alls well with ya :)


It might be worth giving a probiotic a chance such can be found in live yoghurts and that Actimel drink .

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Hi ant64 cheers yer i been taking rank yogurt

Thanks for comment

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or acidophilus pills which contain 5 billion of friendlies.

But ring any emergency number and explain exactly what happens and the reason why you think it's not working.

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I have been on Azithromycin since 2003. I took three per week and from 2003-20012 they reduced the number of exacerbations from 8 per annum down to just one or two. This in turn slowed my depreciation and gave me several extra years. In 2012 I had a double lung transplant and the Azithromycin was increased to 500mg daily. The side effects are well documented and are plentiful. Speak to your GP or Pharmacist as they could be reacting with other drugs you use. I suffered with side effects then, mostly gastro related as my breathing is now really good. I am back to 250mg three times a week now to protect my new lungs from infection. Try to persist with the drug as I believe you'll find the long term effect massively outweighs the side effects.


Hi Alblownout cheers yer i take yogurt not really have gastro trouble ... i find they cause exacerbations dont really know whats going on

Thanks for comment cheers

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Sorry Daz

I've been on them a couple of years but have experienced none of what you describe. Definitely go back to your GP if concerned.


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Hi MarieW-F cheers yer was at docs today about various issues

Cheers thanks

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Hi Daz, they work well for me, I've been on them for around 2 years now, 2 tabs, 3 days a week and they put a stop to my regular hospital vacations.

Luckily I have had no obvious side effects but that's where we all vary isn't it.



Hi dall05 cheers yer wish i was feeling ok on them

Cheers thanks

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I visited my new respiratory nurse. She read my history and couldn't believe that my air flow had improved so much - 150 to 250. Chest clear and no coughing. This azithromycin works for me and I feel a fraud coming in this forum. But I will hang around to give help where necessary. I still cant move fast.


Hi pergola1 thats great news wish it was me have quite of living to do myself

A would't feel fraud thats what sites all about helping each other and as av found all in put is valuable

Thats great news :) cheers


That is so good to hear, but how long do they take effect I am only on my second week of 250daily dose of arithromycin but still out of breath I am also on Mucodyne capsules to soften the mucus and am coughing well, which is something. X

Oh Daz I am SO sorry the Azithromycin has not worked so far for you, I have read of several people on here that cannot take them because of side effects ( there are some sever side effects I know on this drug)

But for me they have been a truly MIRACLE drug.....every single day I thank God that at last a doctor has found something that has been able to help me after having had bronchectatsis since a baby....and now having reached a severe stage which was getting worse & worse

I already have the bottom 2 lobes of my lungs out...

I do think you may have a point though about Azithromycin being best for people that are like me, and that is they get one chest infection after another, and have got to the stage where they are practically always on antibiotics & steroids . The doctor that prescribed the Azi said to me that if they did not work I would in future need to go to the hospital every day for IV antibiotics every time I got an infection as 'normal' ab's were no longer working on me.

Since being on the Azi I have been infection free......the BIG test is happening now actually as I have had a bad cold...and all my life I have NEVER had a cold without getting a chest infection...I upped my Azi to 1 every day for this week...and so far (cross fingers) no chest infection !! I did not ask the doctor about upping the Azi, but it does seem to be working

I am so sorry Daz that you are not being so lucky, but perhaps infections of the lung is not really your problem, but your doctor should know if it is or not


Hi sohara cheers yer am thinking infections not my problem too

To be honest ad prefer these then them diclofenac

But think they might be better for my condition

Cheers thanks

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These Antibiotics are very bad they give you cramps in your stomach and Diarrhoea plus if you have heart trouble they are also very bad they do affect your heart your Doctor can change them for another antibiotic these tablets make me so ill my Doctor took me off them and told me after a week she would get them changed so if they are making you ill stop taking them and go and see your Doctor also look on your computer just put in facts on azithromycin take care

all ways check your tablets before taking them we have the internet now

regards Fredperrin

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Hi fredperrin cheers yer yer have seen that defo not best drugs in world to be taking

Cheers thanks :)

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I would have another long chat with the GP or medical expert (?) as it does sound as if you are reacting badly to the Azithromycin. Pete has been on them in the past and used to take one every other day to prevent infections. He does tend to get too used to them though and they stop working as well so is now on Doxy for a while. He will switch back when necessary though and he has no such adverse affects. It would be good if you could get the right medication to actually help you and I am thinking of you and wishing you well. Take care. xx

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Hi sassy59 cheers am sure they will find balance for me one day .. sooner then later would be nice tho eh :)

Glad ya pete doing ok can be trying for everyone being ill

Yer was at doc's today telling her its like pile on .. thats other story tho

Cheers thanks :)


Hi Daz me too and I notice that you are taking tablet form unlike me taking capsule form, when I first got these blighter's I read and re-read the patient leaflet and in the end found the best time to take these was last thing at night 2 hours after supper. Plus by the time they got working on me I would be in the land of nod, some medics would say one a day medication should be taken in the morning well I won't say what I think to that remark. It is a thing only you can do find out the best time for your body to take them.

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Hi Daz I take these I have an allege to penicillin having said that I only take them when I have a flair up or chest infection.

I never read the side effects of meds until I think I'm having a reaction if you read the side effects of some drugs it would make your hair curl and I'm a firm believer that if you read the side effects your mind can play over time.

I also believe that with some illnesses we have no choice and its all about the lesser of two evil's.

Hope your well Daz

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Hi onamission yer i use to read info that comes with prescription but defo agree do's ya beanzs in

Cheers thanks

Hope you get it sorted - good luck xx

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Hi undine cheers thanks

Daz, as a matter of urgency call your surgery (sorry I don't know the answer, but don't stay without help)

Hi helingmic cheers yer i went seen docs

Hi Daz

My consultant recommended Azithromycin for my bronchiectasis but I had to give them up after a few weeks due to the side effects.

In April I had to have a Prostate Biopsy ( not very pleasant ) and was given a three day course of Ciprofloxacin to avoid infections. It's been miraculous - since then my symptoms have vanished , my breathing seems normal and I am not coughing. I don't know how long it will last but it's great while it does.

I'm not sure if Ciprofloxacin is generally recognised for use for bronchiectasis but I will raise this with my doctor when I next see him.

Best wishes


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Hi pilch cheers yer a dont know whats going on really

Av been streesed and that dont help eather

Cheers thanks

Daz, I feel for you. I hope you had some news from your doctor. What are these home truth. Don't let them pull you down. Don't forget exercise and vit C will help! Keep the spirit flying!

Hi helingmc yer av been doing excersise thought a was ok but nar docs told me my condition is getting worse

Do you believe that. Honestly, if you feel OK. A few months ago, my pulmonary nurse told me I was severe! That may be on paper, but I feel well! OK, I've got restrictions, like I can't run. But everyone else around tells me that I look well. How about you, how do you feel really?

Pilch, Cyprofloxacin is usually used in bronchiectasis and in particular against pseudomonas. It's a first degree drug. used of other drugs haven't functioned. It's a very strong drug.

Don't forget to take some acidophilus to populate your guts with friendly bacteria. Good to hear you feel good.!

Hi helingmic cheers yer was talking to my

doc tokd me few home truths ..

Cheers thanks

Ciprofloxacin is in the Fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics. Levofloxacin is one too. These are also known as Cipro and Levaquin respectively. They are chemotheraputic agents and unlike most other class of antibiotics, they are completely synthesised and cross the blood/brain barrier.

I was poisoned by Levofloxacin 17 months ago and both my Achilles' tendons and all tendons and ligaments and Faschia in my feet and ankles were affected. I was given it for a suspected lung infection and after 8 days was in screaming pain and unable to walk. I was bedridden for the following 5 months and although much improved now, I am still being affected by the drug; Fluoroquinolones are known to produce many delayed adverse reactions.

Since last year, I have been in contact with literally hundreds of people who have been poisoned by them. FQs are heavy duty drugs and were never designed to be used as 1st defence meds but only when all other antibiotics had been tried and failed. They were designed for massive pandemics. They were given to the US military in 2001, when they thought they had been exposed to Anthrax. It is also thought that 'Gulf War Syndrome' may be due to FQs.

They commonly affect tendons, especially the Rotator Cuff and Achilles and also produce many adverse reactions on the central nervous system.

In the US there are two Black Box warnings on the meds info leaflets. One is a warning about possible tendon rupture and the other about the possibility of permanent damage from Peripheral Neuropathy.

Many reactions occur weeks or months after stopping the meds and so people don't realise that their ruptured Achilles' tendon is due to the antibiotic taken a year ago.

I could write reams and reams about these antibiotics but I'd better not hijack this thread.

I will post separately about them and also post the directive to medics from the MHRA, where they are told when not to prescribe them.

Please please, I beg you all to research them. If you look on the MHRA site you will find the info. Also if you look at the conversations in the forum on you can read personal stories.

The problem is massive but hidden from most, even GPs. They will clear infection but it's like using a sledge hammer to crack a nut and I cannot stress the dangers enough.

Sorry to go on...but you need to know. I know from my own personal experience, just how devastating the side effects from these drugs can be.

Sparkler x

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Hi Sparkler thanks for taking effort to reply yer have read a bit my self about them even hsd links removed as to side effect results of clinical trials

Why as you have said i think .. Defo right about legs mine are killing me

To be honest a wish i never had to take any but my condition is advancing so its i have no choice really

But i defo of the belief ad rather know than not but yer all defo av look at links you mention

Cheers thanks again and sorry about ya problems to

Cheers thanks :)

Ah dasisnotsogood I'm sorry that your condition is so bad and that you have had to take Cipro. I know that there are times when we have to use meds we would rather not and Fluoroquinolones have their place.

However, they are bring handed out like sweeties to people who don't need them and the problems they are causing is mind-blowing and I get so mad, it makes me angry and I rant about it!

I have Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia and on top of the COPD, I really didn't need the Adverse Reaction from the Levofloxacin. I could have taken other antibiotics instead. The Levo has also made my lungs so much worse too.

i hope your legs calm down and that you can feel a bit better.

Take care

sparkler x

Hi sparkler am sorrry to hear about ya condtion yer i have felt too do i really need more problems.

A can assure ya am mot of ilks to let any athourthys lie desive me all defo be looking into it further

Thanks again for heads up :)

Hi Sparkler

Thanks for all the info about Cipro. In my case i had it following a prostate biopsy which can have very unpleasant side effects. Cipro seems to be the standard antibiotic for this. It was just a three day course.

Thankfully I had no problems from the biopsy and so far no adverse effects from the Cipro. However all symptoms of my bronchiectasis have for the moment disappeared. Even if they return i would not use Cipro for the bronchiectasis.

Incidentally i was bitten by a rather wild dog a year ago and my doctor gave me Augmentin. That time the bronch symptoms diasappeared for about two months.

Sorry about all your difficulties. Coincidentally I also have CLL. Been on watch and wait for eight years.

Best wishes


Hiya Pilch

Fancy meeting a fellow CLLer here! Our paths have probably crossed over on the neighbouring CLLSA Forum; I used to be very active there but have been more of a lurker for a while now. I think the two forums have quite a different's very friendly here. I was dx 4 years ago but my CLL spec reckons I already had it for a couple of years by then. I am also on Watch and Wait (worry) but I had the FISH etc and have been told I will need treatment in a couple of years :-(

Phew it seems like you might have dodged a bullet with the Cipro (fingers crossed). Good idea not to take it again though, as everyone has their own individual threshold, for when they notice the damage being done. Fluoroquinolones penetrate any cells and break DNA strands. They degrade collagen, which is why connective tissues degenerate and tendons rupture and they cause so many other problems too.

You can see I am on a mission to spread the word about Fluoroquinolones and I get so angry about the damage (often permanent) being caused by them....unnecessarily. The trouble is that when I get angry my breathing gets worse!

I wish you well

sparkler x

Hi again Sparkler

Good to hear back from you. I seem to be at a fairly similar stage to you on my CLL journey. In fact I'm due to see my consultant tomorrow for a regular check up. I agree with you on the forums.

Thank you for all the info on Cipro. I certainly don't want to take any unnecessary risks. I am a very keen runner and the side effects you mention would certainly put a stop to that.

Have you recovered from these. I do hope so.

I'm only concerned that I may need another prostate biopsy in a year or so. I will need to see if there is any alternative to Cipro as you do have to have a suitable antibiotic after the biopsy.



Sorry you are having so much trouble with the azi Daz. Like Pergola my health has improved so much with them I feel a bit of fraud hanging around on this site. But I do know they don't agree with everybody. Hospital suggested actimel last time I was in. Good luck.

Hi monkey65 cheers yer iv been taking those real rank yogurts

Cheers thanks :)

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