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Sir Bradley Wiggins came to the Malvern Hills today in the Tour of Britain.

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He passed my local, (The Wyche Inn) but didn't stop for a pint!!!! :) . Yes I was there in the crowd doing my action news reporter/camera man thing.

The weather was amazing and Malvern was buzzing so I turned up my oxygen and got out there to join in the fun. :) . I decided not to dust off my bike that sadly hangs in the garage these days as that would have surely ended badly so instead I drove myself up to the pub and just soaked up the atmosphere and absorbed the energy that was everywhere to see.

Make the most of this weather Healthunlockeders, it can't last much longer, can it?


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Hi Tony I am surprised you didn't get on your bike and give Bradley a race to the top :d x

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Sir Bradley is about 26 seconds off the lead and thinks his chance of winning the tour is over, I would be at least 26 hours behind the leader so perhaps its a good thing I left my bike hanging in the garage. :)

Who knows though, on the Malverns my home turf maybe I could have taken him Ha Ha

Tony xx

He came along the bottom of our road, so did all the other riders, was Sir Bradley alone in your part of the world?

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dall05 in reply to caroleoctober

Hi Carole, Sir Brad's was cruising at the back of the pack, slipstreaming but it seems he didn't like the Malverns as much as I do. xx

Thanks for posting that up Tony, and its GREAT to see that you are up and about again

Now NEXT YEAR if/I mean when you get your new lung....then you can give him a race....well maybe just the downhill part to start with

YEAH !!!! our very own hero .... DALL boy

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dall05 in reply to Sohara

Glad you enjoyed the Malvern Tour of Britain experience, Dall boy style Sohara. Thought it was worth posting for others to see how popular cycling has become these days and to encourage Healthunlockeders to get out while the weather is still good.

As you say I'll give Wiggins a run for his money next year eh' :)

Tony xxx

Now where's that Plonker Rodeney, see if he can get me some new lungs off the back of a lorry cheap.

As always you are making the most of life and the weather! Long may your adventures continue xx

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Make hay while the suns shinning I say :) , Thanks Tadaw xx

Sounds like you had a great time Tony. Glad you enjoyed your day. Take care. xxxxxx

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dall05 in reply to sassy59

It was outside my local so whats a man to do eh' xxxxx

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sassy59 in reply to dall05

Indeed! xxx

Brilliant dall. Was at the first hub of the Yorks Grand de par and you just can't explain how exciting the atmosphere is can you. Apparently some of the overseas cyclist were complaining about the cobbled street areas and the dry stone walls (were they seriously expecting us to get rid!) Apparently we did take up a roundabout and replaced it afterwards but that's not quite the same.

Hope you had a fab day.

love cx

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dall05 in reply to cofdrop-UK

The build up and the atmosphere are what its all about. People out to enjoy themselves and admire these super human sports people who have worked so hard to get to that level of fitness.

Its a wonder those overseas riders didn't ask us to move the Malvern's Ha Ha.

Sounds like we both had a good time eh' cofdrop xxx

The weather has been nice this week we have been very lucky make the most of it I think we are in for a very long winter

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dall05 in reply to onamission

I really hope your wrong about that long winter but if its to be then we really really should be getting out while we can. I intend on squeezing out every last day of this amazing end to our summer. :)

Tony sounds like the perfect day! Fancy not stopping for a pint , ah well! so pleased you're enjoying this great weather, I've been BlackBerrying and made jam and apple and mint jelly :) hope tomorrow brings another perfect day for us!!! huff xxxx

I thought Bradley was out of order not stopping at my local but that's his loss isn't it. :) . I would have let him borrow my oxygen too which could have given him the yellow jersey eh'

These perfect days just keep coming don't they, long may they continue Huff.

Tony xxx

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