Hi all, how has your day been, hope you have enjoyed the warmth and not been to breathless or uncomfortable. My hubby would feel awful in the cold weather but l know it varies.

I walked a different street route today and had fab chat with a two ladies from taihiti and California. They just said they felt they needed to chat with me, and are coming for a cup of English tea on Friday. Random but lovely.xxxxx

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How lovely to meet people like that. Hope all goes well on Friday. xxxx

It shows a change is as good as a rest - have a lovely Friday tea :)

Hi rocket they do say whats meant to be , so u were meant to go on a different route today. Hope u enjoy ur tea on Friday let us know how it goes with ur foreign visitors. Take care and big hugs x Sonia x

Hi sonia, left you a short private message.xxxxxxx

Thanks rocket I have messaged u bk. hope ur ok. X Sonia x

How lovely x

Good morning Rockett777, the weather is still warm hear, which as you know can effect some peoples breathing. Glad you got a nice chat while taking a different route and hope it cheered you up a little. Enjoy your tea and chat on Friday, it could be the start of new friendship to come. Will be thinking of you xx

I love random meetings like that - my son always meets random people where-ever! It is such fun. Have a great cup of english tea together. Lots of love TADxx

That sounds wonderful. I love meeting new people. Enjoy Friday:)

Watch this space, will let you know.xx

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