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lung valve treatment


Thank you everyone for your reply's, I have finally got a name and number, Miss Kornaszewska University Hospital Cardiff (02920742944) I have to send them a doctors referral letter and a ct chest scan on a disc and a special lung function test, then she can tell me if my sister can have it done.. Fingers crossed she will be able to get it done..

Thank you all again

x x x

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hi are you going private x

Hello Alice,

I had the valve operation done in Feb 2012 by Miss Kornaszewska. My op was tremendously successful. I've written about it several times, both on this blog and my own site. If you want to talk about it, either by Skype or phone, send me a PM and I'll give you contact details.

The link for the first of my articles on this blog is:-

The link to my own site is:-

If looking at my site, read the oldest articles first.

Best of luck to your sister,


Dedalus in reply to johnwr

Do you know if anyone can have this procedure done or do you need to have severe emphysema, and are there any other factors to be taken into consideration?

Hidden ,, i remember reading this link when the name poped up on your post,, but heres hoping your sister is suitable ,, best wishes xxx

I hope everything goes well and your sister is a suitable candidate. I had valves fitted in July and am definetly feeling the benefit!

I also had LVR valves fitted AT The Heath by Margaret Kornaszewska, I think about Oct 2011 .... (can't recall precise date, I'm on holiday!!!).

Unfortunately they made very little difference to me ... a couple of years later a consultant up at Royal Brompton was reviewing my notes & made the comment that he thought I was not really an ideal candidate for the valves & he was surprised Margaret had actually carried out the procedure on me. He thought I was a far more suitable candidate for LVR Coils.

I know of one other member here who had the valves fitted in Bristol & they made very little, if any? change to him.

They are not the magic silver bullet for everyone.

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