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been in hospital for 3 days ,say I had exasperation of copd

but I don't know what the real problem is my breathing causes me to take air into my stomache tummy swells big time start hyperwentilating cant control it doctor said will have to try and calm down try relax but easier said than done ,gave me tablet lorazapen for anxaity take 1/2 tablet 3 times a day so trying to control breathing but finding it hard

doctor let me decide to go home but say my chest will probably flair up again and will end up back in the hospital I don't know what he is trying to tell me but it has got my mind working ,does anyone else get this bloating in their stomache if so how do you cope need some help

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i have copd and dont have any bloating from it

is this something you have always done or has your breathing just gotten bad since you been ill

how are your c02 levels you have to be carful taking stuff like lorazepan it can slow down your breathing and raise your c02 i was in hospital for a week after taking something similar so if you start waking up with real bad headaches and feel drowsy and confused you need to stop using them



the bloating been going on for a while they say im swallowing air into my stomache when breathing in don't know what the lorazapen will do but I don't think will be on them for long


lorazepan are a sedative and if you have any problems with your carbon dioxide levels raising you shouldnt be on them but look out for the symptoms i said or you will be ill........they are also very addictive

if it is down to hyperventilating a relaxation cd and some breathing exercises would be more use

i was told i was hyperventilating till i was taken into hospital and a scan showed i have bronchiectasis as well as copd so if all you have had is an exray perhaps you need further investigations

it could be cause by something different i get bloating cos i have ibs but copd shouldnt cause it so take a look at other things like the food you are eating perhaps

the problem is when you have been diagnosed with copd they put everything down to it


Hi Billy. There was an extended conversation about this bloated and distended abdomen problem that several of us suffer from.

Last time I was in hospital they used a tube up the nose and down the throat into the stomach and fitted an air tight plastic bladder on the end. Over the course of a few days they removed about 20 litres of air. Unfortunately as soon as I got back to taking all my 21 daily meds and inhalers plus gulping for oxygen, I soon blew up like a balloon again. It makes me miserable as I weigh less than 9 st. and don't have a gram of fat on me. I don't drink alcohol but I look like a pregnant man with a beer belly. Regards Rib


While you are there, can you ask to be referred to the Pulmonary Nurse Team. They are brilliant for people like us. doctors can be aloof and not explain things well. but the nurse works at our level, down to earth with advice. Ask, that's the best thing you could do. Get well soon. Mic


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