Dad is doing his best to fix me

Dad is doing his best to fix me

After visiting my dad last Sunday he sent me home with this lot. He is a very fit 81 year old and knows the importance of eating healthily, this all came out of his garden, orchard, and chicken coop.

Courgette's, Runner beans, Cherry Tomatoes,cucumbers, Worcester Apples, 1/2 a dozen eggs, oh' yes and 1 bottle of home made apple juice from a neighbor.

When I visit my dad I always go for a country walk but as you can see that's not the only reason I go. :)


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  • Hi dall, So glad ur being taken care of with healthy home grown food, can I come and visit with u lol I won't manage the country walk but hey, ur dad is fantastic at 81 , once a dad always a dad , doesn't matter wot age we are they still look after us. Enjoy ur veg. X Sonia x

  • Sonia, my door is always open to healthunlockeders, no worries about the country walk I've got me treadmill up and running and you could lift a few weights too while your at it. Ha Ha.

    Dads doing a great job supplying me with food that tastes so much better than the supermarkets sell and its free and organic. He's determined to fix me with a good diet if he can. :)

    Tony x

  • Can't be bad good food, comfy chair, Guinness in hand, that's the life. X Sonia x

  • Things are definitely looking up Sonia, there's always a bright side eh' xxx

  • that is so a picture of healthy fresh living :)

  • It makes you feel better just looking at it and the taste from those tomatoes is something else. :)

  • Now there's a dad to cherish ! I think he's right and that a good diet helps so much with overall fitness which in turn helps us to cope with these lung illnesses. You can't beat free range eggs :))

  • Everything from Dads tastes so much better than you can buy, it does make you wonder whats in the stuff we get from the supermarkets.

    Yes his eggs are so much better than the pale things you get from the supermarket. Hopefully there good for lung conditions too along side his tomatoes and greens.

    This time next year I could be cured, :)

  • Right that's it. The Dozy family are moving to set up house in your dad's garden. There's enough food there for us to fill up before hibernation. I'm already beginning to get the sleepies. Seeing as you're the hero, you can do my exercise as well!!!!

    Love Dozy :) x x x

  • Wow! Tony your Dad is amazing for his age! He is really trying to fix you alright Bless him! Mmmm, I'm feeling hungry looking at your picture! I'm sad to see the summer go but love harvest time! This year I've a glut of apples and you know what they apple a day.....! Enjoy your delish home grown grub, yum! xx

  • Interesting photo - title could be harvest festival or it could be a list of ingredient for "ready stead go" ainsley harriott ????

  • Can we please share your Dad x

  • I have green beans in my garden and they do taste so much better I also have a pear tree.

    I also have a old friend very much like your dad I will often call to see him I go in to his green house and get the tomatoes and eat them like a apple he has plum, pear, and apple trees and his brad beans are the best this is why I like summer so much everything tastes so nice

  • Good on Dad! We always grew our own,up to a while back,now buying from the fruit market,but sadly no taste to them.Just not the same! I bet he loves you getting them! xxx

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