Retrieve a lost post

Retrieve a lost post

Hi me again. Wrote a post last nite that kept asking for a recipent. Thinking i had the name right. I sent it ...but u kno how some names r the same then theres added #s...well obviously i sent it to someone i didnt embarresed am i ? there anyway to retrieve it back...the post was called..."overwhelmed" ...and it was important to me....that i wamted to share it wth a particular person who reqested it or i wanted her to read that possible ? Pic below..wife and oldest daughter Diana

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  • I think I saw your reply to a post asking for info on COPD and Emphysema - I didn't comment...just added a recommendation to your reply. Can't remember the name now. but you sent it to the right person! :)

  • Sounds like you were sending a message, because you have to select which member you want to send it to. I do not think that you can call it back but you can delete it in your mailbox. However, you can copy it and then send it to the person you had intended it for. Don't worry about having sent it to the wrong person: you could follow up and ask them to ignore it? To get to messages click on your name above, third item down is messages and then you are ready to send private message to one or more members. you should also be able to see the message you have already sent. A message is not seen by others (only the member(s) you put in). A post is visible to all. Cheersxxx

  • Thnx for the info..appreciated

  • Have to agree with Jenns, sounds like you Inboxed someone instead of posting. I have done a search and cant find the posting. there is a picture of your wife and daughter attached to "Send Me Info" post - is that the one your seeking??

  • No this was a long drawnout message titled..."overwhelmed" kept telling me that i cannot send it till i pk a recipient...i did but the recipient had the first name but there were #s

    Intended for her but i sent it to porchexx by accident. I wanted it to go to the right person but well it never made it...lost in cyber or xx has it and is probably saying "huh" ...wonder if she can forward it ?

  • I haven't received it hun, and would have loved to have read it ..xx

  • Its not in my pm hun .x

  • I have been searching for my post you sent Jimmy,still looking..Think its in" cyber space" hun.You have a lot in common with me,my parents died also as a child,I lost most of my family at a young age.I am a fighter like you.Hang in there,while I go searching lol x

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