Well I Never Knew That .. Yep Yup

Well I Never Knew That .. Yep Yup

Yes just had to share this after all its my fav subject.

I always knew the ladies women girls from a young age tasted so nice .. left me Lip licking obversely not i a crude way

Did you know that your body explores your partner's immune system through kissing? nor did i

But i never new why till now .

Yep i just put it down to me being bit of a monstar or vampier

So here are 5 Fascinating facts about kissing ;P

That must be why we <3 it as some ladies girls are just scrumptious :)

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"Hehehe, Sooo Funny. but a lot wiser too. ;)

Hi megannell cheers yer i did to :)

Here's a smackaroo for you Daz ;) xxx

Hi Hufferpuffer cheers :)

Fascinating stuff Daz but not sure about all that bacteria. Yuck! I will still kiss Pete though. You take care. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Sassy59 cheers yer if was not for bacteria a doubt we would even be here to enjoy our self :)

Yer was reading us eating food is more a hazard :O

But we cant live of luv alone :)

Cheers thanks



Now we know about you, Daz. A man with many talents!!!!! SMILEY

Hi pergola1 cheers ad like to think so :)

Hi, will have these thoughts everytime I kiss now, all them germs, how much weight I'm losing with every kiss ( I wished ) , bonus is I must be a good kisser as I've been with my hubby 23 yrs either that or I make a good sandwich ( as mickey flannigan would say lmao ) . X Sonia x

Hi Sonia1972 cheers thanks for comment defo good'en :)

lol, but it gives you something to think about tho, ,, it wont bother me anyway as I don't kiss anyone, and at xmas under the mistletoe ile think on this post, now do I or don't I, ye ile probably give a few kisses as its only xmas once a year , ile push the boat out then yucky or not,, as long as there mouths are shut, and not slavering ,, thanks Daz xx

Hi twiceshy3 cheers thanks for comment defo sounds like a yummi .. but not sure about mouth closed

a quite like yukkie just wish my boat was sailing past as your pushing yours out

but sadly i tend to drool and can be wet :)

You don't happen to make :O mean sandwich or butty like sonia1972 by any chance

Cheers great comment thanks

Hi Dazer,man you find the strangest facts.Keep up the good work mate.D. :d

Hi FarmerD cheers it must be one of my many natrul abilities :)

Hope alls as good as can be cheers :)

Are you just playing lip service? ;)

Thats a very good comment fella offtern i wonder same or just luv torturing myself

But nor a dont belive am playing lip services :)


Interesting - but no one left to kiss - lost my Mum in April and have just lost my darling little dog - my companion for 11 years - he died when I was in hospital and I did not even get the chance to say Goodbye - so am heartbroken - as I said no-one left to kiss or to kiss me xx

Hi Undine sorry to hear about ya mum and companion friend ... wish i knew how to mend a broken heart coz ad tell ya

Can only take solis in our memories when times are hard ... but yer all give ya a european kiss x on each cheek

So sorry and defo dont think your allone in what you are saying

Wishing you peace anf comfort

Thank you xx

Your welcome x

Daz you really should get out more lol

That would be for me to

Know .. And you to find out really

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