I suffered from inhaling road dust back in May and have been struggling with shortness of breath since. I do have severe copd anyway but this has made my breathing a lot worse. I have been told that my breathing is not likely to improve. I am an ex smoker and could really kick myself now for not quitting earlier, but what is done is done. I have started to feel quite depressed now though as I sometimes struggle to even walk to my kitchen. The breathlessness does vary but there are more bad times than good!!

I am not as yet seeing anyone from pulmonary rehab as there is a long waiting list, I think I now have another 2 months to wait, having been on a list since December 2013. I am already on the maximum medication.

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  • Hi Jen, sorry ur feeling so rough and depression seems to come hand in hand with this illness as we all know, we all wished we had never smoked but the best thing u did was pack up, on a goodish day try gentle exercise not so it puffs u out but enough to push urself slightly that's what rehab tells us to do ( I have been recently ) but any pain stop and rest, there are plenty of supportive, friendly people on here who can offer good advice and tips or just here for a chat when u need, and we all need at times. All the best , big hugs when ur down and take care. X Sonia x

  • Hi Jen, don't lose heart. I was on a long rehab list thinking my turn would never come but it has. I've just finished my second week. Hope it comes soon for you. I too wished I have never smoked. I was on the list from January 2013. Take care keep trying a little more each day. I'm getting my pedometer out of the drawer tomorrow and going to try and walk longer and longer. xx

  • I think you're very brave and honest to post on how you feel.

    Perhaps this is the first step to getting some help. Would you feel able now to make an appointment with the GP? Be completely honest with them, hopefully they will give you something to ease the depression before it gets worse. You deserve it you know.. It's a bu**** of a thing to have to cope with! I only hope you're not alone.

    My very best wishes to you. 03000 030 555 is the BLF helpline they have counsellors at the end of the phone and it's anonymous. Cost of a local cal, 9-5, mon- fri :)

  • Hi Jen,I really feel for you sweetheart.I was much like you,getting more depressed by the day all due to lack of breathe..I have been in rehab 3 times so far,I suggest you see your g.p and tell him exactly how you feel and you need help as you can't walk a few yards without getting breathless!

    I live in Taunton,I have the" thread nurses"on the end of the phone line if I need them,I see a specialist every few mths,asthma nurse the same, and pallative care with my surgery..I don't even have to make an appointment,I can see any g.p if I am unwell.You should have the same treatment as I am getting..This is a horrible ,debilitating disease,depression and other ailments all come with it and my advice sweetie,is go back and see your g.p and tell him how difficult and unbearable life is becoming for you .Since I have been on antidepressants,I feel a lot better in myself,and instead of my disease getting me down,I am fighting it all the way..Take care and here to chat any time.Laura x

  • Thank you all for your support, I do appreciate it. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow and she is very good and also supportive. I will plod on and try to keep cheerful x

  • Hi Jen, just to say hope you get the medical support you obviously need and that you will be feeling much better soon. I am always amazed at the lovely supportive people on her, I'm sure they have lifted your spirits a little, All the best Jen. :) x PS I am also an ex smoker ( 6 yrs off now ) x

  • If you're as breathless as you sound, please don't try any exercise until you've been assessed. Before rehab I was assessed and it was deemed necessary for me to have oxygen to enable me to benefit from the exercise. You will be taught to understand how much breathlessness you can tolerate. It is essentially a matter of keeping track of your O2 and your BORG. I hope you get a rehab programme soon as they really do work. Ask your doctor if he thinks it is worth while you getting a Pulse / Oximeter (about £30) to monitor your own O2 levels.

  • I already have one Fred and regularly review my levels, but they are normally ok. What is BORG? I cannot place that?

  • When I was in hospital in 2010 for 3 long months, it was teh coldest winter too, I read a wonderful book by Cesar Millan. He is a dog trainer. he understands that he needs to be the troop leader. he exercises his dogs for at least two hours on long walks. He gives the food, but not too much emotion, because dogs don't understand human emotions very well.

    As I read this, I thought, I am the leader of my pack (my pack = my body, my muscles, my lungs, etc). He says, dogs need the discipline of every day exercises. I took this on board and told my consultant that I would join a gym as soon as I was out. he rolled his eyes! I let him do this, and I joined the gym, with my oxygen bottles! One month on I needed less of oxygen, Two months on, I didn't need any.

    I carry on disciplining my body at the gym 3 times a week. it works, i do feel like the leader of my pack!

    The secret of all this is, you can be the leader of your pack too! Take charge of your body. Replace the negative believes by positive statement.

    Yes, it's true, I might die tomorrow! I know that very well, But at the moment, I am alive. As long as I live, I want to maintain my body, mind and soul in good condition (whatever the comments and teh roliing of my consultant's eyes!) BY the way, my consultant smiles when he sees me. I repeat to him that the gym does me good. The proof of the pudding is that he compared my XRays now and when I was ill. The lungs have cleared.

    OK, autumn is coming, coughing is coming; so I and we have to be cautious; stay away rom coughing public places and if cough eventually reach you, don't wait for the illness to take a hold on you. Take your prescription medicine to beat it ahead of time. Never loose courage.

  • Very wise words and makes sense, I am doing small amounts of exercise with a view to building it up. What I find frustrating is the varied levels in my breathing, sometimes are better than others, but it cannot see any reasons why, ie, diet or time of day or activity.

  • I don't know. it can even depend on this time of year, the amount of tiredness, etc. I wouldn't be concerned with these variations, as long as you keep maintaining your strength (inner strength, spiritual strength, body strength).

  • I was diagnosed 10 years ago age 42 they have referred me now for PR I have changed my GP we are always hear

  • do not believe you can not get better


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