As it is now coming to pass that GP's are starting to take people off their practice lists, is it not time that the patient also had the

opportunity to give assessments on GP practices and remove GP's from practising? I am in one of those moods today where I actually despair of what is happening to my own country. I could go on but what really is the point in doing so.

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deathly hush!!!

As I understand it GPs have always had the right to remove patients from their list if they feel the relationship has broken down . . .

I have heard of patients being removed from a G.P. practice before but thankfully it has never happened to us. We do have an opportunity to give feedback on our practice which is a good idea but not sure about removing a doctor. That seems to be done by the General Medical Council but not very often.

Have a better day tomorrow juney. Take care xxxxxxxxxx

I completely agree with you. It now seems that if you are too ill, or, too old you may be removed. We mustn't forget that gp's have to pay for our treatment and if we cost too much they can, and, are doing it. After all a medical practise is just a business to the Doctor's. You ask if Doctor's should be assessed and if necessary removed, of course they should be.

Let's also remember that they get paid for every patient on their books - sick or well. I have rarely visited my new Doctors - like many I prefer the DIY form of healthcare and that does not sit well with them, so when I do need anything I find them dismissive. Anyone who saw the TV programme "Who Pays Your Doctor" is aware that there is a culture of reward for pushing certain medications and I have refused to take Citalopram for life just to treat my rare panic attacks - 2mg of Diazepam when needed works just fine and is a fraction of the cost to the NHS, but I have to visit the surgery to get them and endure the same tut-tutting even though a scrip for 28 tabs can last me a year. I am walking around on hips that were condemned in 2005 when my old practice offered me anti-inflammatories and a place on a waiting-list - did my own thing, saw rheumatologist, did research and I'm the one who gets out of the car to open the gates now, whereas in 2005 I had to be helped out. I could go on and on, but I've had my rant and feel so much better!!! And yes I agree, Doctors should be assessed, especially if they want to kick out those who are in the most need - they should be forced to give a very good reason. I know GP funding has taken a cut, but I'm old enough to remember my Gran paying the Doctor five bob a visit - pre NHS of course - and she was treated like royalty!

Thanks Dragonmum, you sound very much like myself! I tend to argue with them about what they are dispensing as they will not listen if I have any suggestions which might make life better for ME and not them! I am just having a bad week and, hopefully, will get back to doing my own thing before very long! Take care, Juney

PS I have never been referred to a chest specialist, just have an all-knowing (but not knowing) practice nurse! However, I have gone on at great length now about her and if I carry on I will start feeling murderous! It is now three o'clock and I AM GOING to have a glass of wine!

I would love to give an honest review of my GP and we had this same conversation at home yesterday. Last year my hubby kept complaining of a severe headache, after several conversations with the GP he (the GP) decided that it was stress and to take paracetamol. This went on for a couple of weeks before hubby became seriously disorientated and confused. Called our GP as an emergency, had a quick look and said take him home and make him rest. Called the emergency doctor later as it was getting worse and this doc gave him some blood pressure tablets as "it is a bit high". Eventually called the out of hours service and he was admitted to hospital as he had had several tia attacks and was in danger of a stroke as his blood pressure was 191.

Thank you all for your replies. I really do appreciate this as it shows that someone, somewhere is listening; though my doctor is certainly NOT! I don't have the best of relationships with my gp practice and this is all down to the way my own mother was discarded as suffering from "old age" even though I could see that she was starting to suffer from some form of dementing illness. It now seems that I might have been "starred" as a trouble maker as I appear to have been dropped from the annual check up which I was having for my COPD. Luckily I have all you wonderful people on here who help me through the bad times and I try my utmost to keep to the guidelines of eating healthily, exercising as much as I can and follow other tips which I get from the people on this site. Thank you so much for your support. I will just keep battling on with the practice and if I am dropped then so be it - I will then approach the newspapers! I am at the point where I feel drastic action is necessary and I am prepared to do that. As I said in my earlier post, my faith in this country and the treatment of its citizens is beyond despair!

Hello Juney,your doctor has a "duty of care" toward you and you have the right to expect decent treatment.Have you spoken to the practise manager?I would suggest a chat with them before any further action.Good luck.D.

Thanks FarmerD, that's probably the best advice! Trouble is my mind is in over-drive at the moment and I just feel like scattering the whole lot of them to the four winds! However, will take your advice and try speaking to the practise manager on Monday! Thanks, again. You are all so helpful and I do appreciate it even though you might not think so just now!

Oh yes totally agree

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