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Have you, or has someone you know, had a lung transplant?


I’ve been contacted by the NHS Blood and Transplant service with a request for help. They are exploring ways of helping people to make decisions about the risks associated with organ transplants.

They would like to get the views of as many people as possible. This includes people who may need a transplant, who are awaiting a transplant or who have had a transplant along with their families and friends.

At this stage, they are only focussing on lung and liver transplants.

If you fit these criteria then the NHS Blood and Transplant service would love to hear from you. The survey is available on-line at: and it will be open until Sunday 5th October 2014.

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes,


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Hello Bethany, my childhood neighbour had a lung transplant about 20 years ago and he is quite well now. Thank you for the link, I will get him to do the survey.

He was a farm worker, the molds and dust from straw and hay caused his awful lung problems, I remember he did not have any sign of lung troubles before starting work, unlike me with bronchiectasis but the straw did make my cough worse when we all played in the barns.



Thanks for passing this on Zube.


Hi, I have A1AD Z phenotype, as I'm only youngish ( 41 ), I was told in the future I would be offered a lung transplant wot I don't understand it's the enzymes that the liver produce or not in my case that cause lung problems and liver problems but why transplant lungs if my liver will damage the new ones also, confused slightly will cross that bridge I suppose in time. Thanks Sonia xx


I had a right lung transplant in dec of 2000

how can I help with this effort?

ron peterson


At this stage just filling out the survey - - would be hugely helpful. If they ask for more help at a later date then I will definitely put it on here so that you can get involved.

All the best, Bethany


did it


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